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What the hell is going on?  We realize that there is marine life lurking beneath the surface of the waters of Boston Harbor.  But sharks?  Yikes!  On Tuesday, a large carcass of a basking shark was recovered near Black Falcon Cruise terminal in Southie.  What is a basking shark – well, it’s the most frightening looking shark ever!

Next to the whale shark (also frightening), the basking shark is the second largest living fish and can get as long as 26 feet!  Gulp!  The one found in Boston Harbor was 9ft.  They don’t eat meat – only krill – but just the sight of a basking shark alone would be enough to cause cardiac arrest.


(image from National Geographic)

Thursday on twitter, it was reported that another shark carcass has surfaced near the JFK Library in Dorchester.  To this we say, why are there shark carcasses popping up in Boston Harbor?  Is this normal?  Is there something larger out there killing these sharks?  Or did they just die of old age? Were they mob-style hits – perhaps they were card sharks and it was hit from union thugs as a sign to Casino mogul Steve Wynn?  Maybe it’s a sign from the universal that the San Jose Sharks are gonna lose the Stanley Cup?  Have their been any penguin carcasses floating around?

We have lots of questions and we will do a little research so stay tuned! 

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