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2018 Beaches Water Quality Report Card: Southie #1

We’re #1! We’re #1!

Here’s another reason to love M Street Beach (And it’s not because of the beautiful people that go there!)

According to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay water quality report, South Boston for the fourth year in a row has the cleanest beaches in the Boston area! M Street Beach has received high marks in having water that is safe to swim in and for passing 100% of their bacteria tests last summer.

Topping the list is M Street Beach, Carson, followed by Nantasket (South Shore), then City Point and Pleasure Bay!

Here’s the report card below:

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Maureen Dahill

Maureen Dahill is the editor of Caught in Southie and a lifelong resident of South Boston sometimes mistaken for a yuppie. Co-host of Caught Up, storyteller, lover of red wine and binge watching TV series. Mrs. Peter G. Follow her @MaureenCaught.


  1. Not So New to The Hood says

    Interesting. I would love to know the water quality relative to other non-Boston beaches, like compared to the Cape or Miami for instance.

    After all, these are “bacteria tests”, not all encompassing water quality reports.

  2. John says

    I was there with my family when all of a sudden a dead fish washed up ashore. My son touched it with his hands and his entire face was covered in fish goo. We sent him to the doctor to get antibiotics. L street beach isn’t as clean as it looks. Although I do love the beach and atmosphere 🙂


    swim in the harba instead..real city kids swim in the harba..forget the beach to much sand getting in ya toes…take a dip in the oilies in Charlestown