Universal Hub is reporting that Pappas Enterprises and Oxfort Properties Group have officially filed plans with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The plan includes two 11-story life-sciences buildings, a 10-story building, shorter lab and office buildings, and a civic pavilion along the Reserved Channel.

Here is a project description below:

The Project is proposed to include approximately 1,739,000 square feet of development in eight new buildings. Building uses are proposed to include a variety of commercial, research and development, civic, and residential housing that responds to the needs of the neighborhood. Ground floor uses are anticipated to include a neighborhood grocery store, new fitness and wellness options, and eateries. Building massing and heights will be appropriately designed to respect the surrounding neighborhood along West First Street and the residential section of South Boston, with increasing building heights moving north, away from West First Street.

Pappas, who owns part of the nearly 13 acres of the proposed development, leases a large amount of the land from Massport.

This area is located right across from the new 776 Summer Street Development.  So, lots of changes coming to this neck of the woods.

You can get the full details of this project here.  You can also read the full filing, including the meeting schedule here. 

So, this news could perhaps solve the mystery of the Boston Athletic Club.

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