No roof deck for you!

You’ll remember this familiar tune, right? Problem property owners (usually absentee landlords of buildings where loud parties happen and no one ever shovels) have to deal with elected officials and fed up neighbors when it comes to having anything new done to their piece of property.  

Universal Hub is reporting that the Zoning Board of Appeal rejected a request for permission to build a new roof deck on 460 East Seventh Street.  So why was it rejected? Well, two city councilors and some neighbors said they are sick and tired of roof decks, in general but in particular if you’re a problem property owner.

One neighbors said he’s fed up with the loud parties at this address and the fact the property owner of the East Seventh Street building never shovels either.  City Councilor Ed Flynn voiced opposition and City Councilor-at-Large Michael Flaherty’s office went so far as to urge the board to declare a moratorium on ALL new roof decks in the entire neighborhood of South Boston due to the constant complaints of parties and extreme noise.

Needless to say, the ZBA voted unanimously to reject the roof deck.


  1. Zeke March 22, 2022 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    Jimmy Kelly must be rolling over in his grave

  2. Kevin B Conroy March 23, 2022 at 7:45 am - Reply

    I read a 311 complaint yesterday about a BBQ grill on a back porch at that address yesterday. From what I have been told this is a source of noise and other complaints, especially on weekends.
    I wonder if this owner had been more responsive to the neighbors’ concerns that things might have turned out differently?

  3. Justina March 23, 2022 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    Sounds like this is an enforcement problem, not a roof deck problem. If people knew the cops would come and break up their loud roof deck parties, most would stop having them.

    But to rob ALL members of the Southie community of roof decks when for many, this is their only outdoor space and they don’t have any parties on them, is outrageously overreaching.

  4. Proud Of The Skin I’m In March 24, 2022 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Not familiar with the property but uf the neighbors object, so be it.
    What “I” , personally, would like to see a “moratorium“ on is pseudo-woke politicians who are more than happy to sit at a dais , on the biggest day of the year for our neighborhood, and allow a deranged tyrant to ridicule them , to their face, and not for the content of their character, but for the color of their skin. That was THE most despicable thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. Not ONE of you had even the most minute shred of dignity to speak up, get up, and walk out. No. Instead, you actually MARCHED with this hate-filled racist!?! (Well, at least as far as the permit allowed… but I digress)…
    Despicable. Every one of you.
    Might want to freshen up your resumes. Never again will any one of you get a vote from me or mine.

    God I miss Jimmy Kelly.

  5. Peter Mickevich March 24, 2022 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Yes, when they put the roof deck on the new building next door Jim Kelly said Peter please come to see me when you want a deck on your roof. Does anyone know what cemetery he buried in.

  6. Watch Your Mouth, Chuckles… March 25, 2022 at 10:03 am - Reply

    A hole in the ground is too good for you, funny man. Show some respect.

    That’s not a suggestion.

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