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It all started at the beach on the Cape.

In 2019, Allison Lane was a new mom to twin girls with a recently deployed husband and a best friend/sister supporting her. As a police officer often working doubles, she couldn’t help but miss being at home and started to contemplate leaving the force.

When her husband returned, they went on vacation, and he suggested she weigh the pros and cons of staying or leaving. He thought that maybe she just needed something else to keep her balanced.

The wheels started turning in Lane’s head, who was struggling with her own wellness at the time.

I love doing Pilates…but it’s hard to find the time. I could get a massage…but I’m always worried about my phone and missing an important call. What if…there was a place where you could just go to lie down while getting the benefits of working out?

There were similar business models across the country, but nothing like it here in Massachusetts. When Lane told her sisters she was going to leave the force to focus on the business, her younger sister Annmarie McHale wouldn’t hear of it. She insisted that they do it together so that all of what Lane had accomplished over the last 14 years as an officer wouldn’t end.

And so, Nourish Lounge in Milton was born.

It’s a social wellness space that offers Far Infrared Sauna services that help you detox from within, along with helping relieve muscle tension, improving mood, sleep quality and your immune system, increasing blood circulation, burning calories and more.

Essentially, you wrap yourself up like a cocoon into a sweat bed and then decide if you want to pop on your favorite show, put on noise-canceling headphones, or just fall asleep. It’s that easy!

Everything is very customizable to each client, which is why it attracts those ranging from being in their 70’s to being a young athlete. Customers leave feeling like a brick has been lifted off their shoulders.

Lane said it took them about a year to really get in the groove and feel comfortable with what they were selling. But, it’s safe to say that ever since opening, they’ve formed a community of extremely loyal clientele.

One gentleman even took the train from the South End and then hopped on a trolley the rest of the way to Milton…during a SNOWSTORM! To Lane, that was her “a-ha” moment that they’ve got something good going.

“We take pride in the fact that we know all of our clients,” Lane said. “You’re telling us about the breakup, the move, the new house, and it’s not that we’re asking, but you feel compelled.” 

There is a level of trust that clients feel toward the Nourish sisters the second they walk through the door.

“People have faith in us – some people show up just because they heard it was cool…[for all they know] they could be coming into the lion’s den!” Lane said. 

Just to clear the air, the only similarity between a lion’s den and the Nourish Lounge is that they are both places of safety and relaxation (for the lion and the human, respectively – if you are a human, do not enter a lion’s den looking for a safe and relaxing environment).

And now, they are finally ready to expand their services to Southie!

Growing up in Dorchester and serving most of her career as a police officer in South Boston, Lane, along with her sister McHale, felt that this was the next best move for them.

“Sometimes you just go to some places and you feel like you are breathing different air,” Lane said. To her, that refreshing, vibrant place is South Boston.

Plus, they were having so much fun in Milton that they wanted to experience it all again in another location. Nourish gives McHale and Lane the opportunity to try new things and have a different responsibility outside of their regular jobs. For the first time, Lane was able to serve people in a different way, a more hospitable way. She was getting phone calls from people wanting to book a reservation, not from people calling because there was something wrong.

Their new home will be at 321 West Broadway. The last time they opened their doors, their washing machines broke from not being able to keep up with the amount of people walking in! But don’t worry, they figured out a method to the madness this time around.

McHale was there late hours last week dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and putting up the curtain rods. They are just about ready for you all!

The sisters have put their blood, sweat (literally), and tears into this project and can’t wait to see you in Southie.

Be sure to follow Nourish Lounge on Instagram to see their schedule dropping on Friday, January 19th so you can be one of the first Nourish Lounge Southie clients. Get ready to sweat!

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