Senator Linda Dorcen Forry will be serving up a side of humor at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast on Sunday, March 15th at 10am.  We sat down and had a little Q&A with the senator about what’s in store for the big event.

Are you excited about hosting again?
Yes, I am excited! It’s a great honor to be able to host the breakfast and— hopefully— start the day off with some laughter and music. I enjoyed it so much last year.

Was it a piece of cake compared to last year- your first year?
I think that I am a little more relaxed going into it this year, but the work load is the same, because there are so many details and a lot of preparation. We’ve been working pretty steadily for the last several weeks on content and logistics for the event itself. Sean Pierce has been a key person in my office pulling everything together and he’s doing a great job. But, I’d say I definitely have a better feel for how the event flows and where we can make some improvements.  
Can you give us any hints about what we might see if we tune in?
I think you’ll see some elements that will be familiar from last year. There will be at least one special guest who’ll be flying in for the event. Governor Baker is definitely on the menu. He’s looking forward to it and is actually pretty funny. He made a good showing last year.

Any surprise guests?  We heard Johnny Depp is making an appearance.
Johnny Depp is always welcome and so is Benedict Cumberbatch!  But they’re not on the list at this point. We’re going to keep our ring tones on in case we get any calls.

Is City Council President Bill Linehan coming?
Ummmm…. I’m not sure he’s back from his long ride with my cabbie friend, but we’ll definitely have security watching out for him. (In reference to the video that kicked off last year’s breakfast when Forry put “Linehan” in a cab for a long ride.  Linehan did not attend last year’s breakfast due to trip he took to Limerick, Ireland.)

Will you be marching in the parade this year?
Yes. I am pleased to say that I do plan to march in this year’s parade.

If you would like to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, you can tune into NECN at 10am!

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