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Two years, a wedding and a very important Celtics game later, In Good Company is still providing the community with a safe space, great gifts and even better company, all thanks to owners Kait McKenna Radkowski and Em Radkowski.

The store recently celebrated its second birthday on June 5th. Let’s take a walk down memory lane (or East Broadway) and see what they’ve been up to since they turned one!

Let’s Go In Good. Co! *clap, clap, clap, clap clap*

One day, Kait looked at her phone and saw an email notification from the Boston Celtics and immediately assumed it was spam.

To her surprise, it was anything but! In Good Co. had been nominated and chosen to be the Vistaprint Small Business of the Game. Kait’s initial thought? I don’t really follow basketball BUT Em is going to be so pumped! She was right, Em was pumped.

On March 26th, the Boston Celtics had two new teammates on the court as Kait and Em were honored in between quarters. As they traded an In Good Co. shirt for a Celtics jersey that said Small Biz, their phones flooded with messages from customers and friends who happened to be at the game and recognized them on the big screen.

As for where the jersey is going to go? The former interior designer hopes for her apartment’s aesthetic’s sake that it isn’t going to be hung on the wall in their living room, even though that would probably be Em’s first move if it were up to her. Only time will tell… something to include in next year’s follow-up post!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow(port)

In Good Co. was one of 120+ small businesses that set up shop at the Holiday Market at Snowport in 2022. From November 11th to December 31st, the market was open seven days a week in Seaport while the storefront in Southie was still operating as usual.

“It was probably the most challenging thing I’ve done in the business so far, but for sure one of the most rewarding,” Kait said in regard to all the prep work, the time commitment and just having to balance her small team. Plus, it was cold.

All of that to say, In Good Co. brought holiday cheer to the neighborhood and supplied hundreds if not thousands with intentional gifts. And, Kait was able to meet a lot of new small business owners along the way.

“I have a whole new community of makers that I met and the sheer number of people that came through Snowport blew my mind,” Kait said. “The amount of work spent getting it up and running was overshadowed by the energy and excitement of getting to go there day to day.”

Encore, Encore, Encore

If you didn’t get the chance to visit them at the Holiday Market, don’t worry – In Good Co. is back in Seaport for the Seaport Summer Market every weekend through June 18th.

While some of the same items will be sold from Snowport, like the boob mugs and f*** it rings, you can expect to see items with brighter colors and perhaps some rainbows sprinkled into them to celebrate Pride Month. Did someone say…rainbow boob mugs?  

Speaking of mugs, Kait recently started her own brand of pottery goods called Party Mouth, which will also be available for purchase. Constantly being surrounded by artists made her realize that she too has always wanted to create something tangible of her own. It was just a dream that got lost along the way.

The mugs are a way of Kait spinning the notion of women being told to quiet their voice or not say certain words or not talk back on its head. For example, her mug says f*** on it, which is meant to represent the idea that if that is the word she wants to use to express herself, that is exactly what she will say.

And if you go to the market and see someone other than Kait behind the booth, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Sam, the artist behind Peel the Artichoke! The oyster dish, greeting card and print maker is selling her work at the market as well. And just like In Good Co., her brand name has meaning behind it:

“An artichokes’ heart is protected by layers of sharp leaves…To put the best part of ourselves out into the world we need to remove our protective layers or “peel the artichoke.” I am peeling my artichoke today by putting my artwork out there, even though it’s scary!”

Happy Birthday In Good. Co!

The storefront got a little makeover earlier this year to create more space for people to shop and come in. They knocked down a wall and repainted the ones that remained to make it not only feel brighter, but more open to allow for strollers and wheelchairs.

Kait has also begun to offer gift-wrapping services due to the number of people who are buying for others. “I love when people come in and treat themselves but overwhelmingly 70% of what people are buying are gifts for other people, which is what the goal was originally,” Kait said.

The four different touchpoints and the thread of the items being sold is what is treasured the most. From the maker making the gift, to Kait selling the gift, to the customer buying the gift and then the person receiving the gift, the intentionality behind it all is why the store was opened in the first place.

If you want to join in on the fun and celebrate their second birthday, don’t worry, you’re invited! Enjoy free sips and party animal cookies from Southie Cookie at the store on June 8th from 5-8 PM.

AND to keep the party going…In Good Co. is teaming up once again with Gray’s Hall for a patio party to celebrate Pride on June 14th from 6-9:00 PM! Proceeds will benefit BAGLY (Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth).

Be sure to follow them on Instagram for any further updates.

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