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Linehan needs your help. 

It’s no secret that Councilor Linehan is more comfortable singing than telling jokes.  Anyone who has attended past Evacuation Day/St. Patrick’s Day events has seen proof of this firsthand.
The  St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast is one of Boston’s great annual political events.  It is an opportunity to get together and share in song, political banter and jokes.  Elected officials from all over the City, State and beyond get together to share in this tradition, put aside their political differences, to celebrate our shared history and to have a good laugh. 

In order to get more people involved, Councilor Linehan is inviting the public to send along their best Irish or political jokes for consideration at the Breakfast.  Please send your best jokes to [email protected] for consideration.  Councilor Linehan will use the best jokes submitted during the Breakfast. 

“This event has been embraced by the community and is something we look forward to each year as we celebrate Evacuation Day and Saint Patrick’s Day.  I want everyone to feel part of this great tradition and I think this a great opportunity to include everyone, especially those who think they’re funny.  Regardless of the host, this is the communities’ event and I’m going to continue to come up with ideas to involve my neighbors and friends.  If the jokes work, I’ll take credit, if they bomb credit will be given to the submitter… lol…” Councilor Linehan added.

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  1. John March 2, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Patrick was on his death bed and his wife of 50 years Mary was with him.  Patrick says “Mary we’ve had 10 wonderful children but I can’t help but notice the baby Sean looks nothing like the other nine. Is he truly mine?”  Mary says “Patrick, you are on your death bed and I cannot tell a lie…..sean is most definitley yours.  Patrick then passes in peace.  Mary says ” thank God he didn’t ask me about the first nine”.

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