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a new reality show

Southie has survived two reality shows already.  First there was A&E’s Southie Rules, then there was VH1’s Wicked Single –  both tanked.  Now the Discovery Channel is throwing its hat in the ring with the announcement of a new reality series with the illegal business of sports gambling as the subject.  “Saint Hoods” features three tough neighborhood crews – Southie, Dorchester and Rosindale, as they battle for “ultimate control and power.”

According to the Discovery Channel’s press release, Southie is #1 when it comes to a position of power.  This neighborhood gang is run by the none other than the notorious Pat Nee, lifelong Southie resident and member of Whitey Bulger’s gang.  

So what does a bookie crew actually do? The crews claim to “offer loans, move merchandise and solve “neighborhood” problems on their own term.”  

As for how “real”  Saint Hoods will be, the press release states, “some identifying information and property has been changed in the series and some scenes have been dramatized.”

Question: Since this business is illegal, will the cops come-a-knocking after the first episode airs?  Hmmmm…….we shall see, Southie! 

The series premieres Friday, August 2nd at 10pm on the Discovery Channel. 

We know we’ll be tuning in!



  1. Mike August 3, 2013 at 2:52 am
    Don’t know where else to leave a comment. Discovery channel. Really???!!! Naked and afraid? Saint hoods???!!! Until recently, this was my favorite channel! Really!!?? Please get back to showing me real reality. You wanna show me mob type behavior? Do it on the form of a documentary- not some silly nonsense that any no-brained idiot can tell is not real. So disappointed!! Get back to what WORKS!
  2. DUKE August 3, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    HOLY F !!!! are we kidding ? that F,ing ‘boooo’owstin’ accent ! DAMMMM IT ! nails on a chalk board would be a treat in comperison. Thats how three year olds talk. Why do you suppose only a certain area people sound this way !!!! Get it ? NOT COOL! at all ! We recognize and dork tough guy and think its a show ?      PLEASE !!!!!! no more ‘joy,zeeee’ or ‘booooo’owstin’ shows PLEASE !!!!! the GOOD locals in the places have to be beside themselves with thr stupidity of these programs…….PLEASE enough already. 

  3. Disgusted August 10, 2013 at 3:29 am
    Discovery channel just entered the same league as true TV
  4. Streetdose.com August 10, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    It’s obvious this show is staged, but I like it.  I’m always up for a little ratchet tv.  But there’s no way these guys would break so many criminal laws on television.  Nonetheless its entertaining. #StreetDose

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