Here’s the Proof

The Proof Gallery  is an artist run space that is located at the Distillery Building at 516 East Second Street, South Boston, MA 02127. I was able to sit down with Kara Bracle- the Director of Proof who is also an artists herself to ask her questions about Proof.

As stated on their website: “Proof is a non-profit exhibition space dedicated to fostering the creation and completion of singular projects that focus on experimentation and innovation. At its core, proof strives to provide a forum that furthers the active contemporary arts discourse in Boston.” The gallery is free and open to the public. 

Proof’s next show opens on May 14th!

Kathleen Bitetti: Can you give a brief run down on Proof and how you came to be the director of it?

Kara Braciale: In September 2007 Julia Hechtman and I opened Proof as co-directors taking over the space from Rebecca Gordon’s Second Gallery when she left for graduate studies in Chicago. Our goal was to replicate the kind of casual non-commercial space that we were familiar with in Chicago (where we both lived for many years) in Boston.  Julia and I ran the space together for 2 years and then I became sole director when she decided she needed to devote more time to her artwork.  Julia still serves on the board of directors of Proof and continues to be a valuable asset to the space.

KB:  Proof isn’t a commercial gallery – so how does it support itself/pay for its overhead?

Kara: Proof is definitely a labor of love and is indebted to the dedicated unpaid volunteers who help run the space and to contributors who donate money and goods.  Our gallery assistants work without pay to provide this venue for the artistic production they believe in.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to them.  The space is very generously donated to us by the Distillery management which is  also a huge support – thank you Distillery!  And we have fundraisers every so often (coming this summer!) usually including an auction of donated artworks – so we have a number of artists who support the existence of the space with their work – thanks to them as well!  Art lovers can support the space by donating here:  !!!

KB  Is this the first artist run alternative space you have run?

Kara: Yes it is.  But in a past life in another city (a windy city) I gained a great deal of gallery experience at both commercial and not-for-profit spaces.

KB:   What type of art can one expect to find being shown at Proof? Solo shows? Group shows? What kind/types of art?

Kara: Proof shows primarily solo exhibitions by emerging artists but we curate an annual group show called: Boston Does Boston wherein Boston artists choose other Boston artists to exhibit with.  And we take proposals from artists and curators so we have definitely had group shows based upon that.  I like to show a variety of media and styles – this year we happened to have more photography and video, some years are more painting heavy and some years there is more site specific installation.

KB:  Do you focus on Boston/Massachusetts based artists or is the geographic scope larger?

Kara: We show artists from all over but definitely like to have a number of local artists in the mix each season.  I think it’s good to see what our local artists are up to but also to have dialogue with other art worlds.

KB:  How do you chose the artists/work to show at Proof?

Kara:  We have an open call for proposals on our website:    We often select artists who propose and then contact other artists whose work seems like it will be an interesting contribution to the space and to the Boston contemporary art conversation.

KB:  Can you tell us about the flat file and the price range of work contained  in it?

Kara: The flat file at Proof houses works on paper and photographs and a selection of artists books. These works range in price from $20 to $700 – the artists included are listed here:

Our flat file is a fantastic way to enter the world of collecting art.  There are exceptional works by very talented artists for very reasonable prices.  Art makes a very special gift for weddings, birthdays or any occasion.  And it’s an investment that appreciates in value!

KB:  What is the best thing about running Proof?

Kara: Running Proof has been a hugely educational which is always a good thing. Aside from the awesome gallery assistants that have cycled through I always love seeing new work installed in the space.  As an artist myself I know the thrill (and the pressure) of having a space at your disposal and it’s always gratifying to see an artist make good use of the space.

KB:  Can you tell us about the upcoming exhibition by  Scott Patrick Wiener entitled “Before I Forget”  which runs from May 14, 2011 – June 18, 2011?

Kara: The show will have video and photography works. Scott is a Boston-based artist who spent most of his early life traveling from one military base to another, never spending more than four years in one place at a time. The work he produces is a direct result of an attempt to hold onto time and place – to stabilize it. He uses lens-based media, such as photography and video, to reference past personal or socio-historic events. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Scott  has his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recently, he completed a post-graduate DAAD Scholarship for Fine Arts in Leipzig, DE (2009-10) and a residency program at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, USA (2010).  The project entitled “The Luxury of Distance” (2008-10) completed during his grant period in Germany will be exhibited at the South End Gallery, Anthony Greaney in early 2012.

Proof Gallery Hours are Th-Sat 12-5pm and the Artists’ Reception: May 14th, 6-8pm.  Both the gallery and the reception are free and open to the public. More info:

Spring Art Happenings in 02127    (all free and open to the public)

Mark your Calendars:

June 5th – Mark your calendars for South Boston Spring Open Studios @ the Distillery & King Terminal Sunday June 5th Noon to 6pm.  Free and open to the public. For more info:

June 15th An event not to be missed!- Turning the Wheel – Annual Fundraiser for Medicine Wheel Productions located at 110 K St 2nd Floor.  6-9pm   More info on Medicine Wheel Productions:


At the Distillery Gallery 516 East Second Street  through May 17th-“Dots Per Inch”, an exhibit of printmaking and graphic design.  Exhibitors include :  AntiDesigns, Dance Party Massacre, David Clemente, Dyslexic Press, Repeat Press, Carrie Siegel, Union Press, & James Weinberg.  Hours M-Sat 9-5pm
More info:

At the LaMontange Gallery   555 East Second Street through May 28th  Growth a new installation by  Daniela Rivera.  Hours Wed- Sat 12-6pm.  More info:

At the Gallery at Medicine Wheel Productions- 110 K Street, 2nd Floor through the end of June.  “Southie is My Home Town” Photos by Richard Dinsmore and Brian McCarthy.  M-F 9-6pm & by appointment.  More info: