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Both beautiful and frightening

Fort Point resident and artist Zy Baer has just about completed her floating art piece that captures the not so distant future when the channel rises and floods and only the upper floor of a building remains.  Be on the lookout in the next week or so for POLARITY. 


Our friend the Fort Pointer posted this photo on twitter when Baer was busy at work creating.

Baer describes her work via Instagram:

POLARITY will float in the Fort Point Channel in roughly two weeks’ time. The piece represents the intersection of climate change & privilege — the wealthy contribute the most to climate change but are experiencing & will continue to experience its consequences the least due to their access to resources. They’re also in a greater position to help than those living paycheck to paycheck — eco friendly options are often too expensive for folks in poverty, & more importantly, wealthy folks have the disposable income to enjoy leisure time that can & should be used to fight for Black & Indigenous lives & to curb the power of a handful of massive corporations that put their profit above the survival of every being that lives on Earth. With Fort Point & Seaport as the collective wealthiest neighborhood in Boston, as well as one that’s deeply exposed to destructive flooding caused by sea level rise from climate change, I’m depicting a classic Fort Point building as if it had sunk into the sea due to floodwaters. This piece isn’t fear-mongering — it’s Boston’s future. Sometimes you have to bring a visceral experience to people to kick their privileged a$$e$ into gear.

Make sure to follow Baer on Instagram to watch the progression!

Image via Baer on Instagram

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