It’s out with the old and in with the new.

Some of our local salons and spas gave us the inside scoop on what is trending in the new year so that you can be ready to take on 2023 in style!

Channel your inner Beyonce with this look:

Dorchester’s Lola Beauty Boutique says that the “I woke up like this” look is trending this year. To achieve this “no makeup makeup” look, you can visit their salon for a brow tint, lash tint and lash lift so that all you have to do is wake up and walk out the door!

Glow up with glowy skin:

Quincy’s Inde Salon and Skincare, sister salon to Boheme and Lola, says that dermaplaning with the hydrafacial is in this year. According to them, the major exfoliation followed by an infusion of hydrating ingredients is “the best way to get the glowiest skin.”

Peel Away:

Seaport Medspa offers all five VI Peel Treatments which are uniquely formulated to address your specific skincare concerns…for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, improving tone and texture and more! The great part is, it only takes about 20 minutes and you’ll see results within 7 days!

Legally Bronde:

Milton’s Boheme Hair Boutique, sister salon to Lola and Inde, says that this year, a lot of their blonde clients are toning it down and transitioning to a warmer, darker blonde that is more rich and healthy looking. Southie’s House of Ivy also noted that rather than that icy tone, clients are going for the warmer, natural golden colors.

Warm it Up:

According to Patty Martin, owner of Love and Mercy Salon and wildly popular colorist, “warmer tones” is the 2023 vibe when it comes to color. Brunettes are adding more auburn and honey tones for richness. Blondes are playing with strawberry blondes to add brightness. “This is perfect for winter months because we lose the natural glow in the winter and this is a natural pick me up.”

Another tip from Patty? If you’ve been tempted by bangs now is the time because with zero humidity it’s the best season and by the time warmer weather rolls around, they’ll be long enough for a new summer look.

Bye-bye, bob:

Southie’s House of Ivy says that this year, the 2022 trend of the blunt bob is out, and long, layered, and shaggy cuts with movement are in. Salon 120 West, also in Southie, agreed that the trending haircut of 2023 is a layered look with lots of movement. To achieve that salon-style voluminous blowout look at home, you’ll need a blow dry brush, a curling iron or hot rollers to activate the layers, and a flexible hairspray for longevity.

50 shades of brown:

This just in – House of Ivy has seen a rapid increase in clients wanting to dye their hair copper and red, also known as “expensive browns.” They’re called that because they have a rich chocolate base with subtle creamier balayage highlights. Another shade of brown that is in is mushroom brown with its ashier, cooler tone. Decisions, decisions!

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