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If the pandemic has made us realize anything while being stuck in our homes, it’s two things. One, the couch’s life can no longer be elongated by flipping the cushions; its time is done. Two, some of the picture frames in the guest room still have the stock pictures in them.

As people spent more time in their homes and the rooms they haven’t dusted in months, they realized the more they had to look at the space every day that it was time for a change.

Longtime Southie resident Marisa Carlini decided that if there was ever a time to start her own business, it was now.

“After 30 years [in the industry], I felt this was my dream come true, go for it,” Carlini said. “I had the knowledge, I had the background, I had the clientele.”

Located in Southie at 66A L Street, Luxe Home Interiors had its soft opening on March 17. With the shipment delays, Carlini has 70% of her product waiting for you in store and decided a soft opening was the best way to get her name out while awaiting the other 30% of goods.

Whether you are looking for a minor refresh with a new item or need assistance in redesigning your space, the store can provide you with both through the shop and their design services.

Regardless, everyone will be able to find something in the store, seeing that there is “a mixture of a little bit of everything from a to z.” While not everyone who walks in will walk out with a 30×45 picture of a horse or a unique champa wood desk with an acrylic side and waterfall edge, the point is that someone eventually will. And if not, there are other gifts and accessory options!

Plus, her dog Baylor will always be in the store along with dog treats, so if you’re walking on the street and need a pit stop for your pup, pop in!

In terms of what Carlini wants shoppers to feel and experience in her store, a 6-year-old who walked in said it all: “I feel like I’m in a house!” Homey and comfort is the goal. Carlini described the store as more of an “upscale Homegoods in a put together room that looks like a home.”

All she wants is to see the “unusual happy look” in the eyes of those who walk in, filled with curiosity and excitement.

Something that will not give Carlini that look in her eyes is her ultimate design no-no. This is your sign to stop hanging your pictures high! They should be blending in with your vases and lamps, not your 6-foot friend. If this sounds like something you do, don’t worry. It’s an easy fix. That’s why Carlini is here – to help!

She hopes to continue that Southie spirit and support between other small business owners that gravitated her to opening up in the area in the first place. Next time you are in town, be sure to check out this new spot. Who knows, you might be walking out with something you didn’t even know you needed…like a very large image of a horse!

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