After a year plus of running alone and Covid canceled run clubs, fitness trainer, Kelly Whittaker-Cummings had an idea. 

Mike Shaw, owner of Loco, said Whittaker- Cummings presented her idea of a weekly social run club after years of organizing small groups of marathon runners that would meet early in the morning at Loco for training runs.  “They would meet early, drop their gear, go for a training run, and come back and hang at Loco,” said Shaw.

The concept was simple – create an open and accessible run club with a social twist. “You don’t have to be training for anything, don’t have to be an avid runner, you just have to show up and enjoy,” added Shaw. 

The Loco 1.5 Stars Run Club was born!

“After two years of lots of solo running and cancelled racing/run clubs, I really wanted to bring the community aspect of running back. I want to create a fun, inclusive space where runners of all levels can come and hang and find someone to run with – and/ or enjoy a marg with after,” said Whittaker- Cummings.

The inaugural run begins on Saturday, January 29th at 9am (and will meet each Saturday after). Whittaker-Cummings will create a 5K and 10K route that will start and end at Loco. There will be group margaritas and swag packs post run!

Starting February 5th, there will be three routes to choose from:

8:00am – the long run (starting at 12 miles, increases weekly as Marathon Monday approaches

8:30am – the medium run (starting at 6 miles, increases weekly)

9:00am – the consistent 5k (a quick 3.1 to get your body movin’)

So whether your training for the marathon, need a jump start on your resolutions, or are looking for an active and fun way to meet new people, join the Loco 1.5 Stars Run Club! 

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