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Hello friends, it’s about that time…a new month, new monthly picks!  Every month I’m going share some things I’m excited about, so let’s get to it!

Watch: Unsolved Mysteries

You know what I loved when I was a kid?  Dumbo and Unsolved Mysteries, what can I say?  I was a sad little weirdo.  A couple years ago Tim Burton did me a solid and cast my favorite sad Disney Dad Colin Farrell in the live action Dumbo, and now Netflix is stepping up to the plate with an Unsolved Mysteries reboot.  Wait, is it a reboot?  What’s the difference between a reboot and the show just regular old returning?  But I digress, Unsolved Mysteries is back and I’m very excited to watch.  Will I still have to leave the room if a segment is about ghosts or aliens?  Of course, what can you do to protect yourself from a ghost or alien?  If they want ya, they’re gonna get ya.

Eat: Weesh Bakes

If you follow me on Instagram you know I tried to ease the pain of quarantine with some Weesh Bakes poptarts, if you don’t follow me on Instagram what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?  Well guys I have GREAT news, Weesh Bakes will be at SOWA July 26th!  Elyse will be serving up her amazing homemade poptarts, cake sample packs (yup you read that right) and who knows what other treats!  I know it’s a few weeks away but it’s nice to have something to look forward to, especially if that thing is a smores poptart.

Drink: Black on Black Bartending

Now that summer is in full swing, well as full of a swing we’re gonna get during a pandemic that is still going on so wear your masks, I’m all in on tropical drinks.  I love tropical drinks!  They’re a glass full of yummy fruity summer goodness, what I don’t love about tropical drinks is the fridge and shelf space you need for all the liquors and juices you need to make them.  But fear not, Black on Black Bartending is here for all your tropical drink needs!  Every weekend owner Joe Carter shares a rotating menu of delicious drink options, and I can personally vouch for the Mai Tai and Rum Punch.  Black on Black Bartending batch cocktails are available for pick up and delivery, do not let July go by without treating yourself.

Wear: Beach Motif

Maybe it’s because I know I’m not traveling ANYWHERE for quite a while, but I’m really feeling my Massachusetts roots.  I’m drawn to lobsters, crabs, seashells, blues and greens of the ocean; my own unique spin on Cape Cod preppy…but don’t worry you won’t see me in Vineyard Vines (I’d sooner wear Jaclyn Smith for Kmart).  Anyhoo, I’m loving a sea critters right now, and these sequin lobster Stephie Chic earrings are scratching my itch, and so is this lobster print button down from J.Crew.  Also, I want a lobster roll.

I would love to know what you’re excited for this month, or know if you take part in any of my picks!  Have fun and stay safe!

Per usual, this is not a sponsored post.  No product or company featured paid the author in cash or goods to be included; however if anyone wants to send Heather cash or goods her palms are open.

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