Southie’s newest workout studio is tucked in a corner unit at 55 West Fifth Street, but don’t let the appearance fool you – once you’re inside, you’ll see that almost every inch of the space is filled with state-of-the-art workout equipment.

The Yahd opened its Southie location in September, but it’s part of Backyahd Boston, a Dorchester fitness institution.

The three pillars of The Yahd’s workouts are:

Prime: The Floor – mobility-focused movements to prime you to perform your best. Think medicine ball slams, side planks, bench step-ups.

Perform: The Rack – strength-focused movements to reach your fullest potential. Think TRX rows, deadlifts, alternating split squats.

Push: The Treadmill – whether it’s a run, endurance or speed-based class, you can expect to push yourself with everything from incline walking to sprints to long jogs.

The Yahd is smaller than Backyahd, but the workouts – pack just as much of a punch. The size is also a great perk: with smaller class sizes, instructors are able to give each person the attention they need, and by the end of the class, you will likely be chatting with the instructors and people sweating next to you. That’s what makes the classes not only challenging but fun.

In most classes, there is a group warm-up, and then you break up into three different stations (floor, rack, or treadmill).  Then, during the hour-long class, you’ll switch from each station to the next, making the workout fly by.

The Yahd also offers small group strength training classes that don’t involve the treadmill. Instead, these classes include a warm-up, 4-5 lower body exercises, 4-5 upper body exercises followed by core work, or a cardio burnout.

Need a quick workout? The Yahd also features Express Classes in the afternoons.

The sweat goes outside the studio, too. On Saturday mornings, you can join The Yahd’s free run club, which is a 4.5 mile loop through the Seaport.

It’s not only a killer workout, but it’s also overall great vibes. The moment you step into The Yahd, you’ll notice this is not a place for pretentious, intimidating workout fanatics. It’s a place for people of all different levels, fitness needs and interests.

Interested in learning more? Follow The Yahd on social media @The_Yahd_Southie or try a free first week of unlimited classes for new members.

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