“Undateable” is a word we’ve probably all thrown around (especially when talking about Heather Foley) but how much thought have we put into the word?  Is anyone really and truly universally undateable (except for Heather Foley, of course)?  What makes someone undateable in your eyes?  Is there anything undateable about you?  Spoiler alert, there is totally something undateable about you.  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Brent Morin, comedian (he’s at Laugh Boston all weekend!) and star of NBC’s new sitcom, Undateable to chat about his show, dating, Boston, and whatever else popped into our brains.

For starters, I thought it would be fun to have Brent help me setup an online dating because

A: I figured he’s done a million interviews recently about dating and the show.                                            

B: his show is about dating, so it would be a unique way to talk about it.

C: I thought it was the easiest way to turn the interview into a post about me.

As is often the case with best-laid plans, this format didn’t really work out.  We got about as far as the username (don’t pick a cutesy nickname, you’ll sound like an idiot) and we were off to the races.  I asked him if he had ever tried online dating and the conversation flowed effortlessly, and sometimes weirdly, from there.

Although Morin has never done an official online dating website, he does admit to using social media to add to his social calendar.  He’s met women through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  So ladies, if you’re cute give him a follow!  Or even if you’re not cute I guess, do whatever you want, it’s your life.  He says his friends tell him, “You’re famous now, you can’t do that!” but Brent Morin is the kind of rebel who does what he wants, like straight up DM-ing a pretty face.  He sees social media as the internet’s version of a bar, and I can see his point.  I mean it’s social and we’re drinking (well I am), the only difference is I don’t have to wear pants when I’m online.  Like a lot of us, Morin isn’t a fan of the whole “going out” to meet people thing.  Velvet ropes, lines, loud beats aren’t really his thing, when homeboy goes to a bar it’s to DRINK.  Maybe that’s why he loves Boston so much, and trust me, he loves Boston.  He grew up a Sox fan in Connecticut, has lots of friends here, and his family is coming up for a visit.  I asked if he had any big plans while he was in town and he told me of a delightful sounding party Saturday he’s attending with an open bar and men in pastel pants, he then said he doesn’t remember the name of the bar hosting the party or where it is.  Like I haven’t heard that from a dude before.

Brent describes himself as perpetually single, and as such you can bet he has some dating advice for all of us in the struggle.  “Say yes more than no, take more risks…just don’t take risks that could land you in federal prison.”  Pretty sure he added the prison part because of a date he had with an old money chick who threw baggies of cocaine around and wanted him to steal a car.  His exact words to describe the bane of his existence, bored women who grew up with tons of money, “mug shots a headshot”, their life is life a videogame, no real consequences.  Sounds kinda fun.  Although he says he’s gotten better at dating decisions and has learned to kick himself less over the years, he knows there are still “plenty of mistakes” for him to make, but maturity is gaining experience from the mistakes, or whatever, I say the mistakes are the fun part.

My interview went all over the place; so let me just hit you with a few little interesting nuggets that came out while we were chatting.

  • Catfishing: People have tried, but so far no one has been able to trick him.  Brent is really smart, or the people that have tried to catfish him are really dumb.
  • TV Shows: His hands down favorite TV show right now is Silicon Valley; it’s the only show he’s watching right now.  He loved Breaking Bad, who didn’t, and he’s only seen the first three episodes of Game Of Thrones (gasp) but he thought they were great.  He does not like Hoarders.
  • Fits: A lot of comedians sleep in after shows when they’re touring, Brent gets up early and hits the gym (I promised him I would include that).  He inspires to have a body like Charlie Brown, dream big pal.
  • Celebrity dating: Tinder must be really hard for Chris Evans.  Chicks see his pic and just swipe past assuming they’re getting catfished.

Enough about real life dating and junk, he’s got a show to promote, right?  I asked Brent why we should tune into Undateable (Thursday nights at 9pm on NBC, first four episodes available On Demand if you haven’t watched them yet) and he was pretty straight forward, “it’s funny, and it gets better and better”.  Morin explains that what makes Undateable special is that it’s an old school sitcom, but with a fresh new generation of writers and comedians who are given the opportunity to do what they do best, make us laugh.  After going by the script the actors get to improv their scenes, resulting in a show that’s a unique mix of strong writing and unrehearsed organic comedy.  Think you’re a TV master and can tell scripted scene from spontaneous dialogue?  Then play the Undateable drinking game!  Tweet at Brent (@BrentMorin) and he’ll let you know if you’re right or wrong, right guesses take a sip of your drink, wrong guesses you have to drink for thirty seconds, so postulate carefully.

If you’re around at all this weekend you should make every effort to go see Brent at Laugh Boston, he really and truly made me laugh during our interview.  As a matter of fact, I feel so strongly about going to see his standup, that I’ve got a discount code for you!  Buy your tickets online and use the code “Southie” to get $10 off, do it! (http://laughboston.com/)

So ladies, cute, funny, single Brent Morin is in town for the whole weekend and he claims he’s going to be out and about in our backyard all weekend, go get him!  And just in case you do cross paths with Brent, you should probably know the one single thing that makes a woman undateable to him, right?  It’s being self-absorbed, like going to interview someone and asking them to help you setup an online dating profile.