It’s so easy to get frustrated with all this snow.  Boston has had a historic amount of snow dropped in such a short amount of time and it’s clear our residents are on edge.  With the MBTA broken, giant mounds of snow and ice, the disappearance of mail and constant shoveling, we all need a break.  

Laura Bowden – Southie resident and founder of Southie Cycles – has created a new website where people can commiserate about the weather together.  She was inspired to create the site after seeing the now famous “Uncle” sign that has been circulating on social media.  

The tag line of the site is “A site where you can bitch about the weather, thinly veiled as poetry.”  Check it out –

It’s the perfect way to to spend a snow day stuck inside!  Enjoy!

Thank you to Rena Gyftopoulos for her photo!