Boston Seaport is paying tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month by amplifying Latino voices. Shoppers and diners are invited to show their support by shopping and eating in the neighborhood now through October 15th at Seaport’s Latino-owned businesses.

Shop at Little Words Project or discover custom cocktails at BorrachitoPara MariaScorpion Bar and Vela. All of these businesses have come together with a unique offering for Hispanic Heritage Month. Seaport will donate $1 per item sold at our Latin-owned businesses to Sociedad Latina.

Sociedad Latina is a citywide organization that focuses on supporting the unmet needs of youth and families from Boston’s Latino and Mission Hill/Roxbury communities. Sociedad Latina’s mission is to create the next generation of Latin@ leaders who are confident, competent, self-sustaining, and proud of their cultural heritage.

  • LITTLE WORDS PROJECT: has created 3 exclusive Spanish word bracelets – Valiente, Tu Puedes and Feliz
    • Also available in-store at Little Words Project are Chillhouse Chill Tips – modern press-on nails brought to you by NYC-founded Chillhouse. Cyndi Ramirez is a second generation Colombian-American who grew up watching her mother treat patients in her cosmetology spas in Queens and Manhattan not knowing one day she would reflect on that experience to launch a new self-care movement.
  • BORRACHITO TAQUERIA & SPIRITS: created a custom cocktail “Yuval El Salavidas” – Rosaluna Mezcal, Paranubes Oaxacan Rum, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Coffee Bitters, Lime
  • PARA MARIA AT THE ENVOY: is offering “The Old Cuban” Cocktail – made with Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Rum, Mint, Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitters, Prosecco
  • SCORPION BAR: team created “The Mexican Flyover” Cocktail made with Dos Hombres mezcal, Aperol, amaro, lime juice
  • VELA: offering “La Pasion” Cocktail made with Ghost Pepper Tequila, Agave nectar, Grapefruit soda, house made bitters
  • PUTTSHACK: Now through October 15, Puttshack is incorporating Hispanic Heritage Month-inspired questions into its much-loved True/False hole, educating guests on Hispanic culture and history.

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Photo of The Old Cuban cocktail via Para Maria

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