During quarantine, Southie resident Caroline Kozub decided to turn a passion project into a small business.  Her love of jewelry and her knack for accessorizing, inspired her to launch a new website. Caroline Elizabeth Collection features beautiful and fun jewelry and accessories that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to jewelry, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  “My mom has been designing and making jewelry for 20 years and selling it all over the Boston area,” said Caroline.   She’s been helping her mom sell her wares at craft fairs like SoWa since she was in high school.  “I have a passion for all things jewelry. It’s in my DNA,” added Caroline. 

Caroline Elizabeth Collection is now live and ready for shopping.  Caroline’s vision is to curate an affordable jewelry and accessories line where she can share her favorite pieces with the masses!  “I’ve been finding items I personally love as well as working with artisans around the country that I’ve found on Etsy and Instagram.”

You can check out Caroline’s website here!  Make sure to follow on Instagram too!  We will be partnering up with Caroline for an Instagram giveaway too!  So make sure you follow us as well! 

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