If you haven’t heard by now, Black Mass – the film about notorious Southie mobster James “Whitey” Bulger starring Johnny Depp – will be shooting scenes on G Street in front of South Boston High.  Spray painted on the ground “Stop Forced Busing” can be read, so no doubt an anti-busing protest scene will be filmed. 

For lifelong residents of South Boston, the nightmare of busing and the impact on the neighborhood still haunts. In 1974 a federal court order forced a mandatory desegregation of the Boston public schools via busing students from predominantly white neighborhoods into black neighborhoods and vice versa.  This new legislation provoked protests and riots all over the city and notoriously in South Boston.  

We also hear that Kevin Bacon has joined the cast of Black Mass.  He will be playing a fictional character – FBI agent Charles McGuire – corrupt FBI agent John Connolly’s boss.  

Be advised that the area of G Street, South Boston High School and Thomas Park will have parking and traffic restrictions.