Backyahd Boston and The Yahd South Boston are thrilled to partner with Colin’s Joy Project, as a local gym deeply rooted in a commitment to health and wellness. With a shared passion for fostering wellness and happiness, we know that a partnership between our entities can create a meaningful impact.

Backyahd was created by three local fitness instructors that strive to create a place where everyone feels seen and that serves as a second home to all. A place where GRIT meets PLAY and hard work is understood rather than repeatedly requested. A place where being there serves a greater purpose and that purpose is understood and supported by everyone else. Backyahd is deeply entrenched in the community and is dedicated to giving back to the very city that it serves.

Through this collaboration, we aim to explore various avenues to support the communities we both serve. Backyahd would love to start by offering all who have donated to the Colin’s Joy Project some discounted class pack and membership pricing:


28 District Ave. Dorchester MA

First 2 Classes: $25
4 Class pack $100

2x /week (8 a month)
CJP Price $129 (down from $149)
($16 per Class)

3x /week (12 a month)
CJP Price $159 (down from $179)
($13.25 per Class)

Unlimited Monthly
CJP Price $199 (down from $219)

The Yahd

55 W. 5th Street. South Boston

2 Classes $50

CJP Price $125 (down from $155)
($25 per Class)

CJP Price $220 (down from $260)
($22 per Class)

Membership Pricing!
4 Classes Monthly $120
CJP Price $100 (down from $120)
($25 per Class)

6 Classes Monthly $160
CJP Price $140 (down from $160)
($23 per Class)

8 Classes Monthly $200
CJP Price $180 (down from $200)
($22.50 per Class)

12 Classes Monthly $280
CJP Price $260 (down from $280)
($21.60 per Class)

From the Team:

Our vision for this partnership includes joint initiatives such as fitness programs tailored for the members of Colin’s Joy Project, fundraising events to support the CJP marathon team, and awareness campaign promoting the importance of both physical and mental well-being.

We are excited about the possibilities and the positive influence this collaboration can bring. By combining our resources, expertise, and shared dedication to making a difference, we are optimistic about the outcomes we can achieve together.

If you would like to take part in any of these deals or if you have any questions please email i[email protected] 

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