This weekend, The Distillery building will host the South Boston Fall Open Studios, celebrating generations of artists living, working, and creating in Southie. It’s family friendly, free, and full of local artists sharing their talented works of art, created right in our own neighborhood. Why not do something different this weekend and check them out! Here’s the scoop:

When: Saturday, November 5th & Sunday, November 6th 12-6pm

Where: 516 E. 2nd Street  at Arts Around the Corner Gallery & Gallery 555

Who: All our welcome! Come mix, mingle, and discover the amazing artists that have chosen our innovative and inspiring neighborhood as their home.


Featured Artists:
Joyce McDaniels and Dan McCole have spent the majority of their career working and living in South Boston.  Joyce is The Distillery’s longest standing resident and has witnessed firsthand how the neighborhood has changed shape over the decades she has worked here.  Throughout her career, Joyce has been building incredible sculpture out of unlikely materials, often juxtaposing them in large and small-scale form.  Her end result leaves the former function of her materials behind and becomes rich with sculptural and metaphorical possibilities.  Now her work is displayed both in her studio and throughout the stairwells of The Distillery building to serve as inspiration for new and veteran artists alike.

Dan is a well-known Southie native who has mastered watercolor painting, especially when it comes to depicting our vibrant neighborhood and other New England landscapes.  Dan’s paintings can be found throughout the neighborhood hanging in private homes and small businesses alike.  He’s taken a leadership role in ensuring the health of the South Boston arts scene by chairing the South Boston Arts Association and opening the Arts Around the Corner Gallery.


Other artists have found The Distillery to be the home of innovation and experimentation.  Resident photographer PT Sullivan has developed a unique photographic style using traditional methods.

Down the hall is another artist, Derek Hoffman whose innovations transcend physical space.  Derek is a visual and audio artist who creates sound-sculpture installations and electro-acoustic music.  His installations explore sound as a medium intersecting with physical forms, structures, bodies, light and spaces to create immersive or participatory experiences for viewers.

The Distillery has been and continues to be the home of many artists at all points during their career.  Painters like Sue Kwasnick who look at themselves as lifelong artists find the building to be the perfect setting to explore, practice and perfect their craft.


Most recently, the Open Studios Committee has invited neighborhood emerging artists who do not work or live in the building to display their work that is also largely created in South Boston.  Renee Zych began her career here in South Boston and continues to work out of her home in the neighborhood.

For more information visit their website! 

image: Renee Zych

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