Whether you’re sober curious, living substance-free, or seeking a vibrant and inclusive community, Namastay Sober offers a unique space for connection, growth, and accountability. In collaboration with teachers in recovery and esteemed partner studios, including Southie’s very own Btone Fitnessthe YAHD, and the Handle Bar, Namastay Sober is dedicated to building meaningful relationships within the community.

So What is Namastay Sober?

Namastay Sober stands as a beacon of support—a safe, nonjudgmental, open-minded, and non-affiliated peer community group. Their mission is to help people reconnect mind and body through complimentary yoga, meditation, community conversations, engaging book clubs, and more. Their mission is clear and purposeful: aid individuals in recovery journies by fostering a holistic approach through fitness memberships, self-awareness, and wellness-focused events accessible to everyone.

Classes & Events

The Namastay Sober class calendar has in-person and virtual opportunities— all classes are FREE (unless otherwise specified) and open to ANYBODY. Classes are available 7 days a week, across 21 partners like Lululemon Athletica, Everybody FightsBack Bay Yoga UnionBoston Bulldogs Running, and many more.

Coming up is the annual Sobruary Challenge (aka sober February)— a FREE month-long community experience that includes free access to virtual on-demand yoga at Soma Yoga Centerthe FitMind Mediation app, discounts to Cocobeet, and weekly Monday night community check-ins!

Step 1: Commit to staying sober from drugs/alcohol for February (or as much of it as you can).

Step 2: Integrate a reconnecting practice, such as meditation, yoga, cooking, journaling, reading, etc.

Step 3: Get connected by signing up to receive wellness perks and access online/in-person events, supporting your Sobruary Challenge journey!

Do I Need to be in Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol to become a Member?

No. Namastay Sober believes everybody is recovering from something. Members can be in recovery from eating disorders, depression, domestic violence, suicide attempt survivors, mental illness, etc.

For those in recovery, Namastay Sober extends Studio Scholarships—a one-year opportunity to access any of their studio partners. These affiliate partnerships are crafted to inspire and assist people in establishing and maintaining connections on their wellness journey.

Discover the Impact

In 2015, Namastay Sober funded 5 memberships. The inaugural year saw 4 members maintaining sobriety, with 2 becoming yoga teachers and opening studios—contributing significantly to their community. Today, with almost 50 active members in Massachusetts, Namastay Sober reaches 10,053 people annually, providing 188 free classes. Their impact is profound, with 100% of surveyed participants reporting improved mental and physical health.

While embracing inclusivity, Namastay Sober welcomes donations, with 50% directly supporting unemployed instructors. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, contributions are tax-deductible. If interested in donating, you can visit their How to Help page for a variety of donation options!

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