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Happy summer!  For a lot of us, Summer 2020 has the potential to be the most time we’ve spent outside in the sun since we were kids.  Whether it’s being laid off, furloughed, or working from home, more people than ever have the chance to spend their days outside (as responsible members of a society in the midst of a pandemic of course).  With all this new sun time comes a leetle hiccup, sun damage.  Yeah it’s great you can take that daily conference call on your deck, but you better be careful or you’re age quicker than a banana.  But fear not!  I’m here and I’ve got Five Summer Skin Savers for you, so read on.


I know you need to use SPF, you know you need to use SPF, so are you using SPF?  And I’m not talking Hawaiian Tropic SPF 3 Tanning Oil; do you want to look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary?  Spoiler alert, you do not.  Dermatologists recommend using at least SPF 30, but I say go 50 and block 98% of the sun’s rays.  We love this Lex RX Organic Daily Face Gloss SPF 50+ because its a daily moisturizer with hyaluronic acid so it does the job without feeling like you’ve got a face full of Coppertone.

More SPF

Twenty seconds ago when I said to use an SPF?  Well now I’m telling you to use more.  Find makeup and lip products with an SPF and use them.  I love just about every IT Cosmetics product I’ve ever tried, and they have multiple CC cream, tinted moisturizer, and foundation options with SPF 50+.  There are so many options for makeup with SPF, you can absolutely find makeup that works for you AND helps prevent sun damage.  It’s a win/win, you look good now and you’ll look like less of a sea hag while you age.


Wearing a hat is an extra level of protection for your hair, eyes, lips, face, and ears…and if the hat is big enough, your neck, shoulders, and chest, and I am nothing if not extra.  Also big straw hats are awesome, why wouldn’t you wear one?  Whatever your budget and style, you can find a hat that you love and blocks some rays.  Habit has some cute straw hats in stock, and you can always find them at Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls; and if you’ve got it like that the Jacquemus Le chapeau Bomba is on sale for only $370, but two!


Remember when Tom Brady said he doesn’t wear sunblock because he drinks so much water he can’t get sunburned?  Well water does not do that, but it does replenish the fluids you lost sweating your ass off, and keeps your skin looking young and supple.  You do not want to look like a California raisin, so however much water you usually drink, drink more.  As a wise male model once said, “moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”.

Hydrating Mask

I know masks are a hot button topic right now (I don’t know why they are, wear a mask dumb-dumbs), but I’m talking about the kind of face mask you slather on.  The sun’s heat can dry out and deplete your skin of its natural oils.  If you’re spending time in the sun you really should give your hydration routine a boost by adding a hydrating mask a couple times a week.  I swear by Skoah Boston’s Hydradew Mask, I use it every week!  It’s not only super hydrating, but it’s also cooling and very light on your skin.  No one wants to feel extra greasy in the summer.  I can feel greasy enough on my own; I don’t need a thick, heavy mask’s help. 

Now go forth and go outside…and wear a mask and social distance…but stay home if you feel sick.

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