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When Michael Bublé starts playing on the radio, you know what time it is: Mom’s cooking, matching pajamas and watching Elf for the 12th time this month. People don’t tend to associate home for the holidays with workout plans, but Thomas Regan of Regan’s Motivated Fitness (RMF) in Southie wants people to know that it doesn’t have to be the case.

Regan knows that this time of the year signals lots of indulging and lots of relaxing, as he admits to taking part in both, and wants people to know that his owning a gym doesn’t mean he never finds himself falling into ruts or bad habits. If anything, it helped him realize how hard it might be for others to actually find the time to get to the gym.

That is why this holiday season, he created a fitness challenge that includes all kinds of exercises to be done at the gym or easily from home with no equipment.

“There’s 1,440 minutes in a day and yeah, you might be sleeping for a decent amount of those, but I think we can all take 30 minutes out of those 1,440 to do something beneficial for our body, or at least our mind,” Regan said.

Power yoga, biking, boxing and running are just a few of the options on T’s Holiday Training Plan. With 10 different checklist items, the goal is to get through them all each week to rack up 10 points. Plus, you can get an additional bonus point just by re-sharing an RMF post on social media!

Whether you’re on your third load of laundry or you’re watching the cookies in the oven, there are exercises that you can do while you wait, proving the point that “the gym doesn’t have to exist between the four walls [where] we’re located on West Broadway.” Plus, there are lots of videos in the library on their website so you can do them from home.

One of the other options on the training plan is the RMF 100 Club, which consists of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats a day. Don’t worry, you can break those up into however many sections you need. Even if you do 10 of each for 10 hours, as long as you finish it doesn’t matter!

And if you really can’t find the time to do it one day, just start over the next. Regan designed this fitness plan to counter those crash diets and fitness plans that so many jump to in order to finish out the year strong or start the new one with a bang.

If you want to take time off during the holidays to binge your favorite show and eat your mom’s cookies, that’s okay. The great thing about this fitness plan is that each day you have the opportunity to start anew and spend 30 minutes doing something for yourself. If doing 100 squats doesn’t appeal to you, find something that does!

“I’m not saying that instead of a Yankee swap, you’re doing the RMF 100 Club around the Christmas tree,” Regan said. “But I’m more saying, maybe go out for a walk or go to yoga with your mom or bring something that’s been working for you in your life, and try to bring somebody else into it.”

Like Regan told his email subscribers, even if you can’t do something physically beneficial for your body, make sure you do something mentally beneficial, like sending a text to an old friend or writing down your thoughts.

Just because there are 10 different ways to get your body moving in T’s 10 Activity Weekly Checklist, doesn’t mean you need to choose one each day. It’s flexible and meant to benefit you! If you want to do 10 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of rowing and 10 minutes of boxing, that is a  perfect way to switch up your mode of exercise and get in your 30 minutes of movement.

Plus, try and get all 11 points each week and send in your scores for a chance to have your results shared!

So, get after it. Play some music that hypes you up -maybe not Michael Bublé, but if that works for you, then by all means blast it! Do whatever you need to do to get yourself motivated to go on that walk or attempt the “most back-breaking” thing on the list, the cardio brick workout.

Just remember, everyone has those days where they need a little push to squeeze something active into their days, but everyone also has the chance to make it happen.

“So yeah, I have a gym. And I have that luxury of being able to work out while I’m at work,” Regan said. “But with so many more people working from home and with so many more people’s schedules a little bit more flexible, there’s 30 minutes in everybody’s day that they could take to make themselves better somehow.”

So, what are you going to do to make yourself feel better this holiday season?

Regan has also organized a Christmas Gift Drive! It’s a very positive thing you can do!

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