Get healthy this summer with Wildly Nourished! A local favorite – Wildly Nourished – will be launching a new  service so you can get healthy, nutrient dense, energizing snacks delivered right to your door!  Each month you’ll receive a a box full of delicious healthy snacks perfect for taking to the beach, to the office or at home!

Visit Wildly Nourished to sign up. There are limited spaces and the first 10 people to sign up receive a special gift!  Wildly Nourished also offers the office snack box! A great way to show support, empower, and nourish your your team!  Plus you’ll be a rock star for sharing some snacks!

For ideas of what snacks look like visit @wildlynourished on Instagram for a little taste of it all.

Wildly Nourished was founded by Southie resident Stephanie Morrissey, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga teacher. During her time living in Central America on farms studying nutrition and living with indigenous people she found the less she had the happier she was. Inspired by everything she learned, she returned to Southie ready inspire others to realize their full potential through nourishing food, good vibes, and building community.

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