Fitness trends come and go. Remember step class? Barre classes exploded onto the fitness scene more than five years ago, and this ballet-inspired cardio and sculpting is here to stay! Here’s how C2 Body is keeping barre class fresh and exciting:

Results driven! For many, time is a constraint, and with Barre it maximizes results in minimal time! Beatbarre incorporates cardiovascular  endurance, promotes strength & flexibility, challenges agility by working in multi-directional functional movement, and most importantly strengthens and promotes natural neutral posture.

Shaking things up! Sometime barre classes can get boring with repetition, Beat Barre instructors mix it up with different routines and order of the class, so you aren’t always segueing from legs to cardio to arms to abs.  Like any practice, giving your body attention, time and patience allows the body to continuously evolve

Music is the motivator! Music is inspiration when creating Beat Barre routines. Moving to the beat of music promotes controlled rhythmic patterns – allowing you to sustain a movement longer and deeper! With the Burn and Flush method set to music, helps challenge your muscles and see more result!

Insider’s tip:
Push yourself this summer by running, biking or roller-bladding to class, you’ll burn even more calories and get your heart rate up.

Summer Special:
Weekday/ Midday unlimited month at C2 Beatbarre for $99.
Students with valid Id $89.
Valid for classes Mon-Friday from 9am – 12pm both South Boston and Dedham! You can purchase online or contact studio!

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