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It’s baaaaack…I’m talkin bout The Handle Bar Summer Share!  The Handle Bar is one of our favorite cycling studios, and Sunday June 4th they’re launching their annual Summer Share – 12 Weeks of Unlimited Riding for $599.  For those unfamiliar with the studio, The Handle Bar is like a spin class on steroids.  Most classes are 45 minutes (there are a few 60 minute classes for the brave/insane) of not just riding, but also upper and lower body strength training moves.  The class is the perfect combo of strength straining and cardio, a complete, kick ass workout.  Classes at The Handle Bar are a personal favorite of mine because of not only the awesome workout, but because I never hear the dreaded words “find a partner.”  I hated it in grammar school and I hate it now.  Oh yeah, they also throw me a bone every once in a while and do a Beyonce themed class (yes, this is a hint to do another one).

This year’s Summer Share is twelve weeks of unlimited rides, and you play along with the official gameboard, think BINGO, but like fun.  You cross off completed squares with Handle Bar related tasks like “ride a double”, and experience squares like “lay in the sun.”  Finally!  Someone giving me credit for laying in the sun!  And why are you crossing off squares?  To win amazing prizes like a trip to Mexico!  And when you’re in Mexico you will actually like the way you look in your bathing suit because you just had your ass kicked for twelve weeks.

And not to sound like a total dork, but The Handle Bar Summer Share will also give you something that transcends working out, it will give you a sense of community.  I know a lot of people can feel intimidated when joining a new gym or studio, but there is no need at The Handle Bar.  You’re not going to find a more welcoming and encouraging group of instructors, front desk peeps, and riders.  So if you’re to push yourself physically, meet some awesome new people, and maybe win a couple prizes sign up now!  Check out The Handle Bar’s blog for more info and to sign up by clicking HERE.  See you in the saddle!

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