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Survive the Holidays

Your friends at Nutritious Navigation wanted to share some Mindful Eating Tips to help you through this holiday season.  

Don’t neglect self-care.  Sometimes during this time of year it’s easy to skip the gym, sleep less, etc., leaving more room for stress and feeling run down.  Try to keep up with the routines that matter to you by making a plan at the start of each week and treat that spin class scheduled for Tuesday like a doctor’s appointment you wouldn’t normally skip.  

Be discriminating!  You can have chips, nuts, and bread ANY day of the year.  For the holidays, try splurging only on the foods that are special to you and may not be available year-round (mindfully of course!)  

Take it AND leave it!  Is something delicious catching your eye at the party?  Take a bite or a small amount and leave the rest behind.  Try to really enjoy those first few bites, eat slowly, and you might realize you’re quite satisfied!  

Just say No!  Feeling pressured to give into certain foods from others?  Look out for yourself and what’s going to help you stay on track.  It’s ok to pass on foods that may not be that special to you.  

Remember, it’s not all about the food…Initiate a family game to get away from the mindless eating moments or run around with the little ones to avoid just vegging on the couch.  You’ll build more memories this way!  

Control the days you can control.  We get it, you have 2 parties this weekend and you’re meeting some friends after work on Thursday.  Make sure you try to follow a structured plan on the other days by bringing in your lunch to work, getting some exercise, etc.  You’ll probably feel better!  

Watch the alcohol.  In between alcoholic drinks try having a water or seltzer to keep your hydration in-check and avoid drinking too much at a time.  It may even help avoid that groggy feeling in the morning!  

Pick 1 indulgence at a time.  Booze, apps, & desserts?  On top of a meal these can add up.  Instead of indulging in all 3, try to pick just 1 (while always keeping alcohol consumption in moderation) at a party.  

Location, location, location.  If you’re in arms reach to the cheese platter or creamy dips, guess what?  Odds are, you’re probably going to end up eating some even if you didn’t intend to.  We tend to eat what others around us are eating.  Avoid lingering too close to the food and keep mingling!  

Watch your triggers.  Shop with a list.  Going up and down aisles at stores this time of year can be exhausting.  Sometimes that exhaustion can lead to giving into unhealthy impulse buys.   Challenge yourself to avoid giving in.  10 minutes later you’re probably not going to regret it!  

Make a plan for the leftovers.  Instead of keeping the unhealthy food around the house for multiple days, make a plan to either send it home with guests, freeze what can be frozen, or TOSS it.  It’ll make getting back on track that much easier.  

Remember to enjoy yourself!  It’s ok to indulge!  As cliche as it sounds, the holidays only come around once a year and being with family, friends, and loved ones is the best part of it all.  

Happy Holidays from your friends at Nutritious Navigation! 

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