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Written by Heather Foley

What are you doing Saturday?  I hope you answered “going to Peter Welch’s Gym to KO Cancer and raise money for the Ellie Fund.”  If you did not answer that let me try to convince you to come.  First of all there will be a kick ass workout at a Best of Boston gym.  If you’ve been to Peter Welch’s Gym before you know how great their classes are, if you haven’t been this is the perfect opportunity to check it out.  We know a “real boxing” gym can be intimidating to just walk into off the street, but this event is intimidation free, promise!  And just how can I guarantee an intimidation free environment?  Easy, cupcakes and wine.  That’s right we’re doing post-class mixer with wine and cupcakes, because it’s really important to rehydrate and feed your depleted muscles.  And also it’s just science that you can’t be intimidated when cupcakes are involved, look it up.  

Awesome workout at an awesome gym, cupcakes and wine, what else do you need?  Well, how about raising much needed money funds for an amazing charity.  If you’re not familiar with the Ellie Fund let me give you a quick synopsis.  The Ellie Fund provides essential support services for breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing the focus to be on family, recovery, and healing.  The Ellie Fund helps with transportation to medical appointments, meal preparation, groceries, childcare, and housekeeping.  It’s a local charity, so when you donate your money is going right to women in our backyards who are fighting cancer.  Your ticket isn’t paying a CEO’s salary, it’s helping those who need it.

If all that isn’t enough to get your foot in the door, we took a quick poll and Peter Welch’s Gym was voted to have pound for pound the hottest trainers east of the Mississippi, so lace up and wear those pink workout capris that make your butt look great.

You can register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/pink-boxing-with-peter-welchs-gym-for-the-ellie-fund-tickets-19077184372