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These helpful tips are from the ladies of Nutritious Navigation!

This time of year can be very challenging for managing your weight.  There’s often an overabundance of food everywhere!  On top of that, our schedules become hectic leaving less time for exercise and getting adequate sleep.  Here are some ideas to consider to help you navigate this holiday season.  

Check-in with yourself before eating.  Are you actually hungry? Are you stressed? Are you just eating something because it’s available?  Use this opportunity to assess whether or not you actually want the candy on your co-workers desk.  Perhaps drinking water or going for a walk is a better solution.  

Use small plates!  Portion control is hard when you’re using large plates.  Small plates leave you less space to fill.  Try to fill wisely!  Aim to let your carbohydrate and protein accompany your vegetables.  

Watch your liquid calories!  Calories from those holiday cocktails can add up quickly and these beverages have very little impact on keeping us full.
It’s ok to give into indulgences and cravings!  Plan ahead, pay attention to portions and enjoy.  Be realistic with the frequency you’re honoring these cravings.  

Be in charge of as many meals as you can.  There’s a greater chance you’re eating higher calorie meals the more you eat out.  Set aside time to make a healthy salad or sandwich to bring into work.  Take advantage of cooking ahead on weekends that yield easy weeknight dinners.   

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