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It’s baaaaack…I’m talkin bout The Handle Bar Summer Share!  The Handle Bar is our favorite cycling studio, and Sunday June 12th they’re launching their annual Summer Share.  For those unfamiliar with the studio, The Handle Bar is like a spin class on steroids.  Most classes are 45 minutes (there are a few 60 minute classes for the brave/insane) of not just riding, but also upper and lower body strength training moves.  The class is the perfect combo of strength straining and cardio, a complete, kick ass workout.  Classes at The Handle Bar are a personal favorite of mine because of not only the awesome workout, but because I never hear the dreaded words “find a partner.”  I hated it in grammar school and I hate it now.  Oh yeah, they also throw me a bone every once in a while and do a Beyonce themed class.

Now about that Summer Share, like pretty much everyone else when June rolls around and I try my summer stuff on I think “ooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuudge” and decide I need to either step up my workouts or buy a whole new wardrobe.  Since I really like the clothes I already have, I usually choose to step up my workouts, and The Handle Bar Summer Share is just the step up I need.  It’s the perfect combination of discounted rides and friendly competition.  Ten weeks of unlimited rides, prizes to those who ride the most, and prizes for those using their dedicated hashtag (all the details can be found HERE).  And about those prizes, I can’t give it all away, but think The Handle Bar swag, margaritas and tacos from Loco, prize packs from other fitness studios, and the Red Sox.

So yes, I’m officially doing The Handle Bar Summer Share and chronicling it for Caught In Southie.  There will be highs and lows, shaky legs and weak arms, saddle sore bums and songs stuck in my head, and by the grace of god there will be pounds lost, inches shaved, muscles uncovered, and self-confidence renewed.  I will be posting on Caught In Southie’s social media channels, but also on my own Instagram and Twitter, so follow along if you want to see even more of The Handle Bar and my journey (God I hate using that word).  And if you see me at The Handle Bar feel free to introduce yourself, I swear I’m nicer than I look!

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