You eat right, exercise, meditate – all the good things for your body. But do you get your twice a year recommended dental cleanings?

Good (or bad) oral health is a solid predictor of how healthy the rest of your body is. Periodontal disease is directly related to cardiac disease. A good dentist or hygienist can exam your mouth and see indicators of other health ailments.

Dr. Ben Liu of South Boston Family Dental graduated from Tufts University Dental School in 1994 and has been practicing dental medicine for over 20 years. He opened South Boston Family Dental (591 East Broadway) in Southie in 2001. The office offers a full range of dental services (hygiene, crowns, root canals, bridges, etc) as well as Invisalign, teeth whitening, and the very popular technique of digital impressions, where a dentist can get a full mouth impression bypassing the need for the gooey playdough-like clay and uncomfortable plastic trays.

Along with Drs. Liu, Anya and endodontist Dr. Kiebish, two new dentists have joined the practice recently: Dr. Meg Hostage who is currently pursuing her post-doc degree in orthodontics at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard trained periodontist Dr. Ann-marie O’Connor.

If you’re new to Southie or just looking for a new dentist, South Boston Family Dental is accepting new patients and accepts most major dental insurances.

dr anya

Dr. Anya

And next month Dr. Anya, who joined the group in 2014, is offering a 2-day special on Invisalign. The most innovative technology in dentistry, Invisalign uses a series of comfortable, removable, transparent aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Make an appointment on July 9th or July 13th (those days ONLY) and get $500 off your treatment and a free bleaching kit.

Get your pearly whites as pearly (and healthy!) as they can be. Visit South Boston Family Dental at or call 617-268-5638 for an appointment.

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