Written by Heather Foley

Have you used your all dental benefits this year?  Consider this your friendly reminder to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits before they expire.  The way dental insurance works is you are provided a certain dollar amount of benefits each year and most plans don’t let you carry over unused dollars, use it or lose it baby!  You don’t have much time left to use any unused Flex (FSA) or healthcare (HAS) benefits you have remaining.

Listen, I know most of us don’t exactly relish going to the dentist, but you have to do it.  The average American lives 78.74 years, if you want to keep your chompers for those 78.74 years you have to take care of them now.  A trip to the dentist might not crack anyone’s top ten list of fun things to do with your free time, but CitiDental South Boston at least makes it easy.  They have early morning and late evening appointments (7am and 7pm), MBTA access and street parking, and even a new patient special, all new patients receive a customized teeth whitening kit worth $350.  You can give CitiDental South Boston a call at 617-765-7488 or swing by their office at 141 Dorchester Ave if you have any questions, but whatever you do make sure you use all your dental benefits!

PS Fun fact about CitiDental South Boston, 97.4% of their patients would refer family and friends, check out their reviews HERE!