Class Pass holders have had a rough go of it recently.  One minute you’re basking in the afterglow of your post-hot piloxing cardio hip hop barre class, the next you’re reading an email that your Class Pass membership is now spiking into the “ah hell no”  price range.  So what do you do?  Do you pay the increased price and cut your organic salad and green juice budget?  Or do you scrap it and try to find a gym that has the variety of classes you’ve grown accustomed to?  And for the record I’m not mocking the Sweetgreen eating, Kalicious smoothie drinking, group workout population, I am a card carrying member of that population.

You know I feel your pain, and the Boston Athletic Club does too.  They’re currently offering Class Pass members an offer they can’t refuse, free classes.  Just come in, show the front desk your Class Pass account on your phone, and you get three free classes.  The Boston Athletic Club wants you to know you don’t have to pay through the nose (or sacrifice your love of green smoothies) to get a wide variety of classes.

Use your free classes to try any of their 60+ classes each week.  Spinning, yoga, barre, tabata, Zumba, circuit training, Group Power, Group Kick, water workouts, and more; there is something for every workout style!  Oh yeah, there is also a bar and plenty of parking, why wouldn’t you check it out?  If you love the classes you can trade in your Class Pass membership for a much more affordable membership to the Boston Athletic Club, if you don’t just move on, you have nothing to lose!

If you do check out the Boston Athletic Club let us know!  Tag your picture with #CaughtInSouthie so we can see them, and if you see me there say hi!

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