Written by Jessi Dellert

In the winter season, days are colder and shorter and we all just want to move a little slower. Your 9-5 job or New Year’s resolution to make it to that workout class might not accommodate that need, so we have to look elsewhere to chill out.  Living in a city especially, we all have stresses and strains in life so finding a yoga practice to balance the crazy might be the key to finding the calm. Restorative yoga is a more calming and grounding yoga practice that poses are held for longer (around 5-15 minutes) which allows your body to settle in and calm your nervous system. Typically, blocks, bolsters (think big comfy pillow) and blankets are used to help support the body and allow maximum comfort to let go and settle into the poses. You might focus on specific breath techniques or mini meditation to allow yourself to quiet the mind.  In Jessi’s workshop she uses essential oils, some light touch and calming soft music to assist in letting you relax and recharge. The goal: leaving feeling a little more balanced, rested and refreshed to take on the world.

Below are possible benefits to practicing Restorative Yoga:

  1. Great for injuries, new practitioners, any ages or body types
  2. Boost Immune System
  3. Calm Nervous System
  4. Learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Great introduction to a meditation practice
  6. Good for if you are physically, mentally or emotionally tired
  7. Gives you more energy
  8. Take time for yourself

Jessi offers monthly Restorative Yoga workshops at East Side Yoga and Fitness. Be sure to sign up for the next one, Saturday, February 3rd from 1pm-3pm $40.  You can register here!  

Jessi has been teaching at East Side Yoga and Fitness since the studio opened in October 2015. She teaches both Vinyasa and Restorative styles of yoga. You’ll find her taking all types of fitness classes at ESY&F and throughout Boston, always traveling to find the perfect bagel and playing with dogs as much as possible. Learn more about Jessi here! 

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