Places to Workout in Southie

It’s 2019.  What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  If you’re like most people in this world, it’s probably to get fit, get healthy and knock off a few pounds.  There are an abundance of gym facilities in Boston it’s hard to choose which one to join. Have no fear, Caught in Southie gives you our picks for the places that will help get those abs ripped and those thighs tightened.

C2 Body
C2 Body offers Pilates, reformer and barre classes in their top of the line studio located in the Cahill building.  Designed to lengthen your muscles, Barre is a fusion of pilates, dance, and yoga choreographed to music and done at the ballet barre.  This trendy all over work-out will lift your butt, carve your abs and tone your legs and arms.  Be prepared to use balls, bands and weights to achieve ultimate results. C2 Pilates also offers group and individual pilates classes. Owner Carolyn Stewart says the benefits of these core fusion workouts is the lengthening and strengthening.  “Alternating isolations with big movements is a fast and effective way to reshape your body.”  When asked if our butts will look better in our jeans, Carolyn said, “Absolutely.  Your butt will look better than ever.”  That’s worth it right there.  With the addition of POUNDFit, BollyX and Ascent Pole, C2 make working out fun! For more information visit here! 

Sweat Fixx
Fitness lovers rejoice! Southie has a new option when it comes to working out in the neighborhood! Sweat Fixx is a boutique fitness studio specializing in low impact, high-intensity full body rowing and sculpting workouts.  Located in the same building as Gold’s Gym at 323 Dot Ave, Sweat Fixx offers a variety of classes for all levels! You can learn more here!

The Handle Bar
Get ready to pedal your way to lean and mean – think 600 calories in 45 minutes .  The Handle Bar, Southie’s first ever indoor cycling studio is one of the most popular workouts around.  Located in the Macallen Building, The Handle Bar houses 30 bikes, a reception area, cubbies for riders, and two restrooms.    This high energy, fat-burning workout is a great addition to your fitness routine and is the perfect cure for workout boredom – it’s a party on a bike with a top of the line sound system, mood lighting and motivating instructors. The Handle Bar is located at 141 Dorchester Ave.  For more information visit their website! 

East Side Yoga and Fitness
The 2019 schedule is now underway! Enjoy classes like Yoga Sculpt, Vinyasa Flow or Hip Hop Flow. And be sure check out their workshop schedule for special workshops like Yoga for Runners. East Side Yoga and Fitness is located at 584 East Broadway in South Boston. To find out more about classes and different yoga techniques, have a look at their website! 

Lifted Fitness
Take a class at Lifted and you are guaranteed to leave sweaty, sore, and smiling. With attentive trainers, a welcoming environment, and top-of-the-line equipment, Lifted’s classes will whip you into shape in no time. Email for a free intro session!

Radiant Yoga
Radiant Yoga Boston offers both community classes and some more particular yoga classes using ancient and modern techniques alike. They offer classes such as ‘straight-up flow’ (aka vinyasa), a whole mind body challenge with a focus on breath, alignment, strength, flexibility and connection. Radiant Yoga explains, “Flow helps you break old patterns and improves posture, digestion and mental clarity.” Among their other classes are heated flow and core flow, as well as candlelit flow, which are offered at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. That’s a lot of flow. With so much flow, you’re likely to come back relaxed and ready to go for the New Year. Community classes are only $6 and price per class is $22, and year-long memberships are available. Visit Radiant Yoga at 516 E. 2nd Street in South Boston. Check out their website for more details and pricing on specific classes or programs.

Peter Welch’s Gym
There’s never been a better time to come test your fitness at Peter Welch’s Gym. It’s also never been easier to get started! PWG is offering a 30 day all-access trial pass for just $70! Click here to sign up!  Peter Welch’s The gym offers classes where people can train like a boxer through fighter conditioning.  “Fighter Conditioning” is a 50 minutes class for all levels that is action packed. Aspiring fighters also train at Welch’s and kids can learn the fundamentals of boxing at afternoon boxing fitness classes and sparring clinics.  Peter is ever-present at the gym and offers tips and has hands-on demonstrations and teaching techniques at the ready.

Boston Athletic Club
The Boston Athletic Club (BAC) has been in Southie since 1973.  It first opened up as an eight-court tennis facility, but has since expanded to an exercise recreation center with the latest fitness classes and machines.  The BAC caters to Boston professionals and families offering babysitting, birthday parties and teen sessions as well.  According to its website, the BAC is the largest and most complete health club in the area with people who have been members for up to ten years.  These members become friends in this family-like facility with top-notch classes like Total Body Workout and Triple Threat, which works your arms, legs and abs in one class.  The BAC is schedule-friendly with classes early in the morning and evening classes as well.  The BAC is located on 653 Summer Street.  For more information visit here or call 617-269-4300.

Regan’s Motivated Gym
A local gym favorite, Regan’s has been proving itself as a butt-busting favorite since 2007.  Located right on West Broadway, Regan’s prides itself on providing education on becoming both physically and mentally fit. The neighborhood gym offers more than 20 classes per week, including Spin, Strength and Conditioning, and Yoga.  If you’re looking for an extra boost to blast through that fitness plateau, Regan’s also offers bootcamps three days per week for both members and non-members.  Other exercise equipment and free weights are also available for those gym-goers who are just getting started with their new year’s fitness regiment.  For more information visit here!