To get in shape. Duh.
Assuming you’ve kicked your seasonal holiday cookie and egg nog dependency, the next logical step is getting back into a more consistent workout routine. Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution to get to the gym more often, but CorePower actually makes it easier to stick to that because it’s such a fun way to shape up. From unheated beginner yoga classes called C1s, to Yoga Sculpt, which is a kick-ass yoga flow combined with weights and cardio in a heated studio, there’s something for every skill level. Classes are also a great way to try a new workout if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. I personally like having an instructor tell me what to do, keep the pace, and push me to push myself, so CorePower classes are ideal.

Self Care.
Seasonal depression is a real thing, people! Those glow-y, fuzzy bubbles of holiday joy are deflated, the short days are also short on vitamin D intake, and sometimes it’s just plain difficult to do nice things for yourself. The self care movement has skyrocketed in the last year, and taking care of yourself has become just as important as eating and sleeping. Masking and Netflix have their merits, but exercise is proven to release endorphins and to improve mental health, both of which are much needed in the dark days of January. CorePower classes are no joke, and proving to yourself that you can complete one is a major morale booster.

Roxy Archibald, an instructor at CorePower, attributes her improved mindfulness to the heated classes.

“For me, the physical exertion plus the extreme heat forces me to be absolutely present for sixty minutes,” says Roxy. “The link of breathing and movement is also a great tool.”

It’s cold outside.
We’re talking sub-zero, here. What better way to combat the frigid temps than sweating your way through a 98 degree yoga class? All classes and workshops are heated, with the exception of beginner C1 classes and the BootCamp series, and some even feature a bit of added humidity. There’s nothing more satisfying than peeling off all of your winter layers, stuffing them into your locker, and stepping into a warm room for an hour of downward dogs and chaturangas, or burpees and chest presses. There’s definitely something to be said for staying warm under a pile of blankets, but alternate lazy days with more active ones.

January is cold. January is dark. January makes it hard to go outside. Kill two birds with one stone and combine working out with interacting with someone other than your cat (which is fun, too). Classes at CorePower are really interactive, with instructors encouraging high-fiving your neighbor after a difficult sequence, or spotting you during an inversion.

“It’s a place where people share a healthy common interest,” says Roxy. “You meet diverse types of people and you get to know them on pretty deep levels, because people come to yoga for different reasons.”

Some classes even offer post-sweat snacks, champagne, juice, or kombucha, giving you a chance to chat with others about that crow pose you’ve been trying to master or when the next BootCamp is happening. CorePower definitely offers a sense of community, which is nice perk during a long winter.

“There’s a reason why you come to a class with lots of people and not just to be isolated on an elliptical with your earbuds in,” says Roxy. “Because you push one another.”

Sweating is good for your skin.
It sounds counterintuitive, but sweating can be beneficial for your skin, provided you cleanse before and after your workout. Much like sitting in a sauna, sweating brings impurities to the surface, sort of like a detox. You’ll have more of a glow after one of CorePower’s classes or workshops, and who wouldn’t want to look BETTER after a solid sweat sesh? Sweating can also protect your skin from certain types of harmful bacteria. I personally have oily, acne-prone skin, and as long as I remove my makeup before a class, and cleanse immediately following, I’ve never had any issues with breakouts. If anything, my skin looks a bit more radiant.

CorePower offers 5, 10, and 20 class packs, as well as single class drop-ins and a monthly Black Tag membership, which has great perks like exclusive classes and workshops, and discounts on retail products and their teacher training program.

CorePower is located at 20 Bond Drive in the Seaport and right over the bridge at Ink Block

This is not a paid endorsement for CorePower! I’ve been attending classes for two years, and it’s the only workout that I personally enjoy and consistently keep up with.

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