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written by Mike Burns

The response to the bombing by the police, EMS, BFD, doctors, nurses and everyday people this past week, has shown the world why there really is no other place like Boston.  Between the people running towards the blast to help the victims;marathoners running 26.2 miles to the finish line and then running 2 more to donate blood; the hospitals & blood banks turning people away because they had TOO MANY donors; Dr. David King who performed several surgeries AFTER running the marathon; The vigil at Garvey Park for Martin Richard that brought out over 1000 people from the tight-knit Dorchester neighborhood; 2 days later hearing the crowd at the Bruins game sing our national anthem with more pride and passion than I’ve ever heard it sung before; handling a city wide shutdown/manhunt without fear or panic and by cooperating and collaborating with police; forming a spontaneous parade route for the police after suspect #2 was captured; and countless other smaller gestures, I can say I’ve never been so proud to be from Boston.

We started a revolution against the most powerful country in the world with the shot heard round the world. We never have and never will live in fear or be intimidated by anyone. It’s not in our DNA. When we are attacked it only strengthens our resolve and reminds us that there is a lot more that binds us than draws us apart. Our communities come closer together and we go back to living our lives the same way because no act of terror will ever make us change our way of life. We are a city full of pride and we should be. We are resilient, hard-working, generous, loyal and strong people. Boston Strong!

We set a great example for the country with how we handled the terrorist attack and everything that came with it.   However, now we have a new threat to deal with.  The Westboro Baptist Church is a small but extreme religious group that has for years protested the funerals of gay soldiers, victims of terror attacks, natural disasters, school shootings, etc.  They have stated that they will protest the funerals of the victims of the Marathon Bombing for reasons I won’t dignify or promote explaining it here. Every decent human being knows there is no reason for doing something so heinous. This past December they protested the funerals of the children murdered at Newtown and currently they plan to protest the funeral of those killed in the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion.  Fortunately in Newtown the state police and local bike club successfully formed a human shield to give the families the comfort of a peaceful funeral. We must not accept anything less in Boston over the coming week.  We mourn the loss of Martin, Krystle, Sean and Lu, and owe it to each of them and their families to allow them to be able to say their final goodbyes in a private, peaceful and respectful way.

Please spread the word about the WBC and the human shield protest so we can show the families our support and everyone else that Boston stands united in the face of evil.

#GreatestCityonEarth. #NoPlaceIdRatherBe #ThisIsOurFingCity

Mike Burns was born and raised in South Boston.  He currently lives in Dorchester and is the proud brother of a courageous Boston police officer.

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  1. Linda Burns April 23, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    I am the proud mother of the man that wrote this article and his courageous Boston Police Officer brother.  We are Boston Strong.

      Our love, support and prayers go to all the victims of this tragedy.

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