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In a new video promoting the New England Revolution soccer team, the Red Coats storm Broadway Station in Southie to enforce the “Hat Act.” Needless to say, people in Southie don’t like their hats getting pulled off their heads.  It’s no coincidence that The Revs picked Southie as the backdrop for this video. South Boston is directly connected to the American Revolution!


Southie History Lesson:
For those of you who slept through US History, Evacuation Day took place on March 17th, 1776 and was the ending of an eleven month siege of Boston.  George Washington fortified Dorchester Heights by using cannons captured from Fort Ticonderoga by young buck Henry Knox.

Knox was given the job of getting cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights. Knox and company literally dragged the cannons on sleds pulled by oxen in the snow and ice 300 miles. (And we complain about shoveling out a parking spot in the winter.)

The cannons were put in place on Dorchester Heights. Just the mere sight of them sent British General William Howe and the Red Coats packing to Nova Scotia when they realized how high the British/Loyalist body count would be if they stayed and fought.  General Washington never had to shoot a single cannon. And it happened all right here in Southie!

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