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Mix in water

Written by Thomas Regan

Ahhhh, June 21st, the first day of summer is upon us; the weather is beautiful, the weekend is here and the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in three years.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.

After last Saturday night’s Game 2 of the Cup Finals, I have to give Southie fair warning for tonight’s behavior.  Last week showed me, how a long Saturday can take its toll on a person. The bars were overflowing with avid (i.e. drunken) hockey fans yelling at TVs until finally the game ended and Southie collectively ordered Chinese food and then passed out on their couches. I wish the transition I just described went as smooth as it sounded but unfortunately for most, there was some downtime of debauchery in between that final goal and that final egg roll. Now the goal for this weekend is to cut down on said debauchery.

I know how enticing it sounds to wake up early, head down to M St. Beach with a cooler full of (hidden) cocktails and put together a day/night double-header of beach going and hockey watching – but listen to Sunday morning’s version of yourself and at least mix in a water or two throughout the day. The last thing we need is a plethora of sun-stricken, Bud Light driven hockey fanatics roaming the streets come sundown. I’ll do my best to heed to my own advice and mix in a few Poland Springs into my full schedule of Twisted Teas in preparation for Game 5.

The series is tied up with two games a piece. After three out of the first four games went to overtime, the stress of this series alone has taken years off my life, but God willing, it will all be worth it in the end. Hopefully, the B’s are able to bring the Cup back home and this time next week, I will be giving the same “water-mixing” advice to you on your way to the victory parade of Duckboats down Causeway Street for Lord Stanley’s homecoming.

We Want the Cup….. Gotta’ have that Cup!!!

Thomas Regan is lifelong Southie resident and full-time Price is Right enthusiast. He loves snap-dogs from Sully’s and getting a parking spot out in front of his house almost as much as he dislikes neon tank tops worn by men at M St. Beach.

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