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Mother’s Day is today, and the crunch is on.  I realize that this is one of those Hallmark holidays invented for the consumer to buy cards and gifts, but there is something to be said about feeling the pressure of finding a present that encompasses the weight of how much you value the mother of your children.

For years, this alarming fact has been reported. Scorned mothers will cheat on their husbands.  Ashley Madison – an infidelity-based matchmaking site – you know, a site where married people can cheat with other married people – experiences an influx of married women the day after Mother’s Day.  Apparently, fed-up mothers who feel unappreciated log on in search of someone who will appreciate them.

So now I have in the back of my mind if I get my wife a shitty gift, maybe she’ll cheat on me.  I actually know a guy that never gets his wife anything.  “She’s not my mother,” he says smugly.  “Yeah, but she is the mother of your three kids,” I remind him. I don’t think he realizes the seriousness of the situation. The gift you give measures the value of your wife as a mother.  Wilted supermarket flowers?  That says, “I almost forgot but didn’t.”  Cash in a card (I know people who have done this) – this says, “I value you as a mother, but not enough to get you an actual gift.”

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and thank mothers.  So do something special.  Make her a nice dinner.  Don’t just sign a card; actually, write reasons why you think she’s the best mother in the world.  Let her sleep in – take the kids out of the house in the morning and let the poor woman sleep.  Underneath it all, it’s not the material things that show value, it’s our actions and words.  And a wife and mother logging on to ashleymadison.com speaks volumes.

Happy Mother’s Day!  


  1. LISA MULCAHEY May 9, 2012 at 12:26 pm
    well there is an on going joke..in nutters day…nutter gonna happen.Husband will work all day. He will come home last minute and try to squeeze in dinnet with a long wait….with end of day food..no card..no gift..its the last minute thought that counts right? He was working. Well this year my youngest 13 has officially become a teen. After getting caught telling a lie about his grades I took away his Ipod…..an hour later..(brace yourselves) . He says calmly looking dead in my eyes..” you don’t love me”. He gave his reasons ,ALL NOT TRUE..I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR MY SONS. I have been crying all weekend heartbroken. My oldest teen.making a few epic screw uo has never said that. He is upset. He is not a hugger and has been hugging me daily and often. The youngest apologized,but it has changed our relationship. So not that we celebrate mothers day in the norm, but I AM SO HEARTBROKEN ,SHELL SHOCKED I just cant see me faking it without crying and throwing up knowinh what he said. But without my MOM I could not have survived the weekend. She is getting lovely flowers delivered,balloons,card,andsome dessert and dinner I will dropp off day before. This will allow me to stay in bed and cry all day and ask myself….just why do they turn on you when they become teens. I LOVE MY SONS,THEY TOLD ME I COULD NEVER HAVE KIDS…THEY ARE MY MIRACLES. SO PLEASE LOVE ON YOUR MOMS NOT ALL OF US FEEL THE LOVE…….AND SOME OF US JUST WANT A HUG ;-((((((
  2. Susan Gailunas May 8, 2014 at 2:04 pm
    If you show respect and appreciation for Mom, then that’s what your children will learn from you. If you show indifference, then that is what they will learn. Make no mistake, it is a teaching moment.

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