We realize that Southie is THE place to be on the weekends.  We’ve seen the lines for brunch at Lincoln, Football Sundays at STATS and the basement at Capo. There have even been lines at Walgreen’s and Stop and Shop.  Well, on Saturday afternoon the hottest line in Southie was the line for the bar to get a drink at Southie Bowlarama. Evidently there was not even one lane to spare for bowling – so why not belly up to the bar for some cheap drinks and wait out your turn!

Here’s the link as reported by the Southie Line Girls:

Maybe it’s the candlepins and small balls, or the smell of old beer in the carpet, or maybe the cast of characters who hang out there, but South Boston Bowl was where all the cool kids were this weekend.

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  1. C.U. Manana February 11, 2022 at 6:19 am - Reply

    A caption for that pic, if I may:



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