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We are in the THICK of summer, and I have a very important question for you, what’s your summer aesthetic?  You know, what mood board are you basing your whole personality on till mid-September?  What’s that?  You don’t have a summer aesthetic?  Like you don’t even just default to Hot Girl Summer?  I could help you, you know.  My dear sweet child, that’s what I do.  It’s what I live for, to help unfortunate merfolk like yourself, poor souls with no…sorry, I got distracted.  Here are some aesthetics to inspire the rest of your summer.

Hot Girl Summer

The OG from the OC, whoops, that Vicki Gunvalson.  But Hot Girl Summer is the OG summer aesthetic.  Megan and her knees walked so Coastal Grandma could run!  According to Megan Thee herself, Hot Girl Summer is about unapologetically being yourself, having a good time, hyping up your friends, and not caring what anyone thinks about it.

Soft Girl Summer

As long as in Soft Girl Summer the “soft” doesn’t pertain to cheeses, this sounds promising (I like my cheeses like my men, aged and hard).  Soft Girl Summer fully embraces all that is feminine and girly.  Think pastels, flowers, light and airy, and everything from athleisure to cocktail party.  Also, this crew is like really into picnics for some reason.

Coastal Grandma

Guys, I have a confession to make; I am not a fan of the Coastal Grandma aesthetic.  I know this is shocking, because I am a nana at heart, but I find Coastal Grandma a bit boring.  The Coastal Grandma aesthetic is all about elevated casual; light neutrals, linen, gardening clogs…think a Nancy Meyers heroine.  I would appear to be the perfect candidate for a Coastal Grandma, with my love of the aesthetic’s patron saint Diane Keaton and all, but I prefer Book Club’s smut reading and Andy Garcia banging Diane Keaton to Nancy Meyers Diane Keaton.  Everyone else seems to love it though!  

Feral Girl Summer

Thought I am intrigued by the idea of a hot girl summer, I am at heart a lazy kid and being feral sounds like a lot of work.  Feral girl summer is all about releasing your inner trash panda.  We all know the Cherokee proverb about the two wolves we have inside of us and which one we decide to feed, but this summer we have two raccoons inside us and we’re feeding them both hot dogs and vodka sodas.  Stock up on dry shampoo, get cozy with day old eyeliner, and meet your fellow feral girlies on the dance floor.

Adventure Girl Summer

I am not really into activities or doing things, so I am not the target demographic for Adventure Girl Summer, but if you have a kayak and a Patagonia vest do I have an aesthetic for you!  Grab your Camelback and lace up your hiking boots, you’re going to have an Adventure Girl Summer!  Your perfume is bear spray, you wear a fanny pack for function not fashion, and your wardrobe is giving Dr. Ellie Satler (aka Laura Dern in Jurassic Park).  Just make sure you’re prepared before you hit the trails because I think about this story at least once a week.

Golden Girl Summer

Ok now we’re talking.  We’re wearing flowy silk outfits and slippers from the Mamie Van Doren collection, we’re eating cheesecake on the lanai, we’re auditioning for community theater, we might even date “Ringo” in a Beatles tribute band (and he may even play Paul when Earnie is sick).  We’re hanging with our girls, dating a different man every week, and not giving a rat’s ass about how we should be looking or acting at “our age”.

Caftan Queen Summer

I’ve mistakenly seen people say they were going to live like the Golden Girls this summer and that included wearing a caftan, BUT the Girls did not wear caftans.  Yes, there were some silky robes and even an odd housecoat (looking at you, Sophia), but they were not a caftan crew.  Anyhoo, lets wear caftans for the rest of the summer!  Caftans are a vibe year-round, but they are especially perfect for the sweltering heat of a Boston summer.  Channel your inner Endora!  (PS I wrote more about why I love caftans HERE)


I am not 100% sure what a Baddie is, and I’m pretty sure not knowing means I will never ever be a Baddie, but for you I’m going to try to break it down.  For starters I don’t think Baddie is summer specific; like Christmas it’s a spirit that lives in your heart all year round.  I believe the Baddie’s natural habitat is Instagram, their plumage is suspiciously thick eyebrows (I’ve never seen microbladed brows that look anything close to God-given, sorry), and they cloak themselves in the Kardashian-Jenner style.  If you see a Baddie in the wild you may be able to lure her with a pair of Nike Blazers.

French Girl Summer

Oui Oui!  I’ve talked about French Girl Summer before, and it might be the easiest aesthetic for most of us to replicate.  Espadrilles, basket bag, loose denim shorts, perfectly messy hair, lived in red lip; most of us can pull at least a few of these elements from our closets.  And let’s be honest, any aesthetic that promotes baguettes is for me.

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