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I said…Brr!  It’s cold in here, there must be some cold fronts in the atmosphere…

If you’ve logged onto Facebook you probably saw no less than a dozen temperature pics and realized it’s damn cold outside.  This isn’t your average run of the mill damn cold outside, this is record breaking cold outside.  Because we at Caught In Southie are both a well of knowledge and deeply concerned for the citizens of South Boston, we put together a list of tips to stay warm and safe in bone-chilling temps.

Stay home.  It is warmer inside than outside.

We know your house might get chilly but don’t start a fire unless you have a working fireplace.

Wear a winter coat.  If you do venture outside make sure you wear a winter coat.  It’s very important that the coat you wear is a winter one.  You’d think that a coat called a “windbreaker” would be protection from the elements, but it’s not.

Wear closed toe shoes, preferably with warm socks.

Wear a hat, gloves, and scarf.  Exposed skin is more likely to get frostbite, so try to cover as much exposed skin as possible, making it no longer exposed and hence, less likely to freeze and fall off.

Dry your hair before you go outside.  Your mother was right, if you go out with a wet head you’ll catch a chill.

Don’t stay outside all day.  The longer you stay outside the longer you are in cold temperatures.

Stay safe, Southie!


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