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Name: Stanley Cup

Where do you live now? Boston!

What do you miss most about Southie/Boston? I really miss the fans here.  They are the best in the world! I made a lot of friends here in 70 and 72 and it’s really emotional for me coming back here and seeing all the people I love so much after all these years!

What do you do for work? I represent the best hockey team in the world each year as determined by the NHL playoffs. It involves a huge amount of travel.   I’m very well cared for during the winter months but in the summer it can get a little crazy.  I’m not ashamed to say I’ve slept with a lot of people.  I’ve been filled to the rim with alcohol and I’ve been kissed a lot by total strangers. (Don’t judge me!)

What brings you to Southie? Well, it just so happens that the Boston Bruins are the BEST HOCKEY TEAM IN THE WORLD this year so I’ll be spending a good part of my summer in Boston and I couldn’t be happier!

I notice that there are a lot of names hand-written on you with what looks to be a Sharpie Marker.  Hey!  Are you really the Stanley Cup? 

Actually, no I’m not.   I’m sort of like the cousin to the Stanley Cup.   I’m the “The Die Hard Southie Fans Cup.” These fans have been suffering for so many years and in many ways they live vicariously through their beloved team year after year. They have been supporting this team for as many years.  In some cases, longer than some of players on the current roster have been alive! So I think it’s only fair that these people who have stuck with this team through thick and thin get THEIR names on a cup too!   That’s what I’m about and that’s how I roll.

Special thank you to the “Keeper of the Cup” Southie Super Fan Paul McCormack.