Aside from the Boston Marathon, St. Patrick’s Day is probably Boston’s biggest day of the year and most definitely South Boston’s. Businesses sell green and shamrock items, bars and restaurants host events with corned beef and Guinness, and it seems like almost everyone can be found lining the streets of Southie to watch the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

It’s just something that everyone who lives in Boston has to do at least once.

While the premise of the parade has remained the same since it began back in 1901, you never know who (or what) is going to come down the route!

South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade Commander Randy Greeley was able to give us the inside scoop on what to expect this year. He wanted to emphasize that this parade’s focus is on quality over quantity to ensure a better experience for all. Here are some things you to be on the lookout for…

  • 2023 Pop Warner National Champs, Dorchester Eagles 

  • Mario and Luigi

  • Lightning McQueen

  • Stanley Cup Champ and South Boston Native Brian Noonan – is returning home as the 30th anniversary of his winning the cup approaches!

  • The Washington D.C. Presidential Band

  • The Quantico Marine Corp.

  • Two Oxen and Cannons – a parade first to commemorate George Washington and the Patriots sending the British packing from Dorchester Heights on Evacuation Day – March 17th

With more music and more Boston-based parade participants, the parade will pay homage to South Boston Veterans and Military families, all while embracing the Irish roots and giving back to the community.

Make sure to check out our Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in South Boston, which is filled with helpful information and event roundups!

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