The Chippewas were back at it, spreading kindness and joy in the neighborhood.  On Saturday, members of the Southie Chippewa Club stopped by the Marion Manor Nursing Home in South Boston with Easter Baskets for the residents. During the weekly bingo game,  Mark O’Leary, president of the Chippewa Club, along with John Dillon, Steve “Kuzzy” Kuzmich, Joe McDonough, Russell Waterman and Bobby Higgins.  Also lending a helping hand, State Rep. David Biele and Brigid Nee Walsh.

Over 75 baskets were created, compliments of the O’Leary Family Foundation, and were handed out by the Chippewas along with the Easter Bunny himself!  There was even a serenading of “Easter Parade,” complete with kazoo accompaniment.


And this special act of kindness to brighten the residents days, organized by the Chippewa Club is what South Boston is all about.

History of the South Boston Chippewas Football Team + South Boston Chippewa Club

Back in the day, playing for the South Boston Chippewas Football Team was a right of passage.  The football team played games down at Columbus Park – now Moakely Park –  from 1929 through 1984 as part of the Boston Park League Football.  Before the NFL, amateur football was king in Boston, and the South Boston Chippewas were THE team to beat.  They were tough, fast, and filled with a cast of characters that could fill a book. Back in 1957, the Chippewas Club, a private club located in Andrew Square, was founded by John Sullivan. It’s a place where you could stop by, drink a beer, talk, and bust some balls.  (Back in 2013, a reunion was held, and the Herald wrote a great feature about it, including some awesome photos, which you can see here. )




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