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Southie loves a good snowstorm!  If heading to bar to weather it out is not your thing, maybe staying inside and being cozy is!  We asked from friends of Caught in Southie, what are their favorite go to snowstorm essentials.  And here’s the list!

“I always rush to grab crock-pot chili supplies and a generous stash of beer. It’s my take on the traditional “bread and milk” :)Mairead McGonagle, Writer at CIS

“Red wine and comfort food with my best gal.”  Peter Gailunas, Writer at CIS, Boston Firefighter in Southie

“A box of wine (with a Southie wine glass), Doritos (red bag) and Toll House cookies. And hopefully Peter Gailunas cooks me something nice. Oh yeah, and my red flannel nightgown (sexy). ”Maureen Dahill – Editor at CIS

A list from Heather Foley – Writer at CIS, Co-host of Caught Up:

1) a bingeable show.  Not all shows, even great ones, are good to binge watch, I think I’d slit my wrists after 8 solid hours of The Leftovers even though it’s one of my favorites.  My personal binge picks are The Jinx, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Fargo, and of course Game Of Thrones.

2) Cans of Underwood Pinot Noir.  It’s easy for me to polish off a whole bottle of wine by myself very quickly in the snow, so cans are like portion control for me.  If I wasn’t a spinster I would probably say a nice big box of wine.  I know, I know, I’m a real class act.

3) Comfies.  I plan on alternating between my flannel nightie and my favorite hoody for a good 48 hours.  I might really live it up and wear them both at the same time.

4) Grilled cheese fixins.  Did you expect me to starve to death?

5) A big strong man to do all my shoveling.  Still looking to cross this must-have off my list and we’re really getting down to the wire…

“A tenderloin from K &8th,  some Brigham’s ice cream and the clicker.” Michael Flaherty, Southie resident and City Councilor, City-wide

A list from Christine Fennelly, Writer for CIS

1) Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

2) Yeti snow app to get car shoveled out without ever leaving the house

3) Coffee for morning

4) Adult beverage of choice for whenever you please (no judgement especially if you are trapped with kids)

5) Hopefully a snuggly four legged friend who understands the necessity of expeditiously doing her outside business

6) Food is helpful (especially if you have part two of #4)

7) neighbors who will trek over and help you enjoy #’s 1, 3, 4 and 6.

“Enough Barrington coffee for a second cup, ingredients for lentil soup, and enough detergent to get all the laundry done.” Nick Collins, Southie resident and State Representative 

“Beer, beer and cake!” Rustie McCusker, Graphic Designer, CIS

What are you’re snowstorm essentials?  Let us know!


  1. Nancy J Hayes March 14, 2017 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    I have everything I need ,for a few cozy snow days,except for my Thurston Street man. Sad that there is no longer much room in his life for his Naughty Medford woman. Yeah,that’s you,Fuzzy Man !! Miss being HS

  2. Nancy J Hayes March 14, 2017 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Just a simple text would be fine !!!

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